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[Spares] Mercedes R107 SL outdoor cover

Discussion in 'Spares for Sale and Wanted' started by Ductman, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Ductman

    Ductman Senior Member

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    May 19, 2013
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    C350 CDI Estate/R171 200 SLK/Lotus Exige V6
    Stormshield outdoor cover, tailor made to fit my now departed R107 SL, by 'Specialised Covers Ltd'. Shown here being modelled (rather inelegantly, it must be said) by my wifes R171 SLK as it is actually a very good fit to the intended R107, includes sewn in door mirror pockets.

    This cover was used to protect my SL during 2 winters and has a soft fleece inner lining plus 2 webbing straps that connect from side to side underneath the car. The internal surfaces by the wheels are grubby (from brake dust I think) and externally the cover is a bit grubby around one or two lower edges but overall, as can be seen from the pics, it is in pretty good shape.

    If you need to keep your 107 outside, I always found it did a very good job of protecting the bodywork from the vagaries of a British winter, not to mention birds doing what birds like to do and as it allows plenty of ventilation under the car, it remains pretty dry at all times.

    Rather than simply dispose of the cover I would hope somebody could make good use of it and so will let it go for £40 plus postage (to be calculated) or collection from GU14. Cost when new was around £300, from memory.

    IMG_2293.JPG IMG_2296.JPG

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  2. Pullman

    Pullman Senior Member

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    Jun 16, 2014
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    1981 500SL_1999 500SL_2002 CL600
    Hello, Is the R107 cover still available? If so can you find out what the postage would be to RM18 8TD?

    Regards, Dave

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