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Mobilo -a Summary

Discussion in 'General Mercedes-Benz Related Discussion' started by hawk20, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Biggles299

    Biggles299 Senior Member

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    Nov 1, 2012
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    2014 CLS SB, 2008 CLS, 1999 C Class Estate, MINI MOKE
    Big thumbs up from me!
    My 2007 CLS had an Engine Management Light come on and went into limp mode.
    I rocked up at the local dealers with no appointment first thing in the morning and was told they could look at the car but they didn't have a vehicle for me to use. I asked if I could get a vehicle through Mobilo to be told that because the vehicle had not been recovered, it wasn't available.
    When it became clear that my car was going to be in for a day or so I rang Mobilo myself who after referring the matter to his manager arranged for a replacement vehicle for 3 days.
    I was told that I would have to wait 2 hours for the car to be delivered but if I wanted to take a taxi home (at their expense) in the meantime they would deliver it to my house.
    Nothing prepared me for the arrival of a 2014 S350 Bluetec as my loan car !

    The only downside is I spent over an hour in it finding out what all the buttons and switches do !

    Now where do I need to go today?
  2. John Laidlaw

    John Laidlaw Senior Member

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    Nov 15, 2013
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    W212 E63 ///AMG V8 Biturbo Volvo XC90 2018
    ^ that would have been nice. My car was recovered (E300 Bluetec Hybrid AMG Sports), at first they gave me a B180 for a week, when I complained that wasn't big enough I now have a GLA 200 Sport. OK, but not an S class!
  3. dreadlockdw

    dreadlockdw Senior Member

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    clk 500 cabriolet 2005; E280 1993
    Two days ago the car stalled in the middle of a high street about 50 miles from home, on the way to an hotel for a 2 night stay. Wouldn't start again so I called Mobilo. They organised a truck to transport car and passengers to the local MB dealer. Dealer said at least a 90 minute wait to do diagnostics, and on finding that the car would now start, we set off for the hotel; Mobilo saying it was ok to do so but to let them know if any problems. Alternatively Mobilo would have paid up to £50 taxi fare to get us to our destination while the car stayed with the dealer.

    Car then repeated the fault just a mile from the hotel so I called up Mobilo again. Prior to the second truck rescuing us, I managed to start the car again and limped to the hotel. Phone to Mobilo resulted in the truck picking the car up from the hotel and transporting it back to MB Wakefield, some 60 odd miles, after an overnight in some compound somewhere.

    Mobilo organised and paid for 3 days car hire for us. A 65 plate CLS 220 CDi AMG auto arrived the next morning all the way from Gateshead, with the understanding that we drop it off in Wakefield when we're done. Not too shabby!

    So Mobilo has saved us a lot of expense, although I don't know exactly what all the above would have cost... Any guesses?

    So the car is now with our local MB dealer for its booked service, and, once diagnosed, a likely CPS replacement for the engine stalling fault (my diagnosis based on threads in this excellent forum). No doubt the health check will reveal other recommended items...

    So I feel that Mobilo has worked well for me
  4. barry jones

    barry jones Senior Member

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    Oct 7, 2008
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    2006 LWB S Class with panoramic roof
    I have used Mobilo a few times over the years, most recently a few months ago. I was working in Grantham (Lincs) about 120 miles from home for a week. Day 1, Monday morning, I left the hotel and drove to site. On leaving site about 6pm, I was half way back to the hotel when the car suddenly started to feel as though it had lost all control over the air suspension and was bouncing all over the place. I stopped at a handy garage, only to find that the rear of the car was literally sat on the tyres.

    The hotel was only half a mile away so I drove back really slowly and phoned Mobilo.

    By now it was about 8pm and they agreed that they would recover the car back from Grantham to the dealer I use in Bolton. I told them it would do in the morning so no panic.

    Next morning, truck arrived and took the car off to Bolton. An hour or so later a brand new E Class was delivered to the hotel with many apologies for not having an S Class for me.

    I got a call from MB in Bolton the next day and it was the rear ride height level sensor that had packed in and the car would be ready on Thursday. I explained that I was working in Grantham and wouldn't be home until late Friday.

    No problem they said, pick it up Saturday and drop the E Class at the dealers in Bolton and they would sort out getting it back to Cambridge where it was delivered from.

    Picked mine up on the Saturday, paid for the repairs, about £450 or so and left...

    Now if you think how much 5 days hire for a new E Class would cost, plus taking my car from Grantham to Bolton and they never charged me any extra because I couldn't get the car as soon as it was ready... I See now why I still get my 10 year old S Class serviced at MB main dealer. I could easily save a few quid using a local indy, but would he do all that for me if there was a problem?
  5. helpmeimsinkijg

    helpmeimsinkijg Senior Member

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    May 13, 2014
    Your Mercedes:
    E55 AMG
    Would my car be covered. its a march 2003 car ?
    It has approx 7 -8 corrosion blister inside the boot lid & two have gone through from to the outside, the lid is Aluminium not metal.
    Here is the service history..., the last invoice was not an MB Or MB Indy, a Auto gearbox specialists. Iwhat are the chances ?

    11 entries in service book.
    MB of Brighton (Stamp) Service B Mileage: 11,703

    MB of Brighton (Stamp) Service A Mileage: 21,682

    18/06/03 Mb of Brighton mileage:21682
    ASSYST plus 13, ASSYST plus 15 £319.08

    18/06/04 MB of Brighton (Stamp) Service B

    MB of Brighton (Invoice) x2 Battery(fob) £9.21

    10/05/05 Independent on MB-Mobilo Mileage:31319 Service B
    (Invoice) £275.00

    02/11/05 Independent(Invoice) Mileage:35819
    Brake Fluid Change £130.01

    24/01/06 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:37629
    Sub Payment for Used Warraty £636.00

    27/04/06 MB of Brighton (Stamp) Mileage:40995 Service A

    28/04/06 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage 40995
    Assyst Plus service Bill £484.45

    13/02/07 MB Rivendale (Invoice) Mileage:47988
    Replace Brake pads F&R,Sensors & Tyre £538.56

    31/05/07 MB of Brighton(Stamp) Mileage:50228 Service B

    31/05/07 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:50228 Service B
    11/04/08 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:58175
    Carry out Multi-car Check
    sub Payment for used Car Warranty £1006.00

    11/06/08 MB of Brighton(Stamp) Mileage:59908 Service A

    06/04/09 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:66040
    Sub-Supply Breakdown service Tier 2 £1006.00

    14/08/09 MB of Brighton(Stamp) Mileage:69118 Service A

    14/08/09 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:69118
    MA113 Gasket, replace S/Charger belt, re-seal cam covers
    Service A £595.45

    19/11/09 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage;70753
    Replace H/brake springs-
    Repair wiring in Boot/boot spring-loom tie- Brake Tie

    17/11/10 MB of Brighton(Invoice) Mileage:76811
    Replace OS door mirror Indicator Lense
    Replace Rear Tyres-H/set battery-
    Replace door handle for Key-LESS-Go fault. £517.54

    13/01/11 MB Eastbourne(Stamp) Mileage:77825 Service B

    14/01/11 MB Eastbourne( Invoice) Mileage:77825
    Assyst Plus - Spark plugs /All Filters /Charcoal/
    Service B Plus £990.37

    09/10/12 Inde MJB (Stamp) Mileage:93140 Service A

    22/07/15 Book Mileage:117113 service A

    20/01/16 Invoice Mileage:123006
    Gearbox Service Replace & fit
    ATF 8 litres Fuch 4134, renew G/box Filter/ Fit new G/box Electro plate
    Renew & fit Pilot bush/ Renew & fit M140 Overlap sleeve Kit(3 sizes)
    into G/box valve chest.
    Drain Torque converter & refill with Fuch 4134.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2016
  6. Submariner1

    Submariner1 Senior Member

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    Sep 3, 2016
    Windsor Berkshire
    Your Mercedes:
    CL500 2009 5.5
    Your car does not have Mobilo, (breakdown or corrosion) the last qlualifying service was 14/1/2011!
    Sorry you are Miles out. :-/

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