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Originally Posted by Taffy7hfa View Post
Any economist will tell you that a little bit of inflation (anything below around 10%) can be a good thing as it has the side effect of making your debts shrink, great if your a homeowner, the baby boomer generation benefited hugely from inflation for 40 years, it was a trigger for social mobility, which in recent tears has almost stopped. Very low inflation can make an economy stagnate.
2% is seen as the desired figure
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Originally Posted by triumphstag View Post
I do have a sense of humour, but my sense of humour only extends to things that are funny.

Yes, I did...

As for interest rates, yes they will rise, of course they will, they have been historically low for a long time (I'm waiting for you to blame Brexit for that)
Interest rates were low and Osborne was trying to reduce our debt. Then along came Hammond and (surprise!), he did some more "Quantative Easing" (I prefer to say he printed more money that we haven't got!) which was just about the sum of his Brexit preparation! Then no doubt the interest rate "committee" followed his lead and froze where they were because he was/is too scared to push for any changes.

And contrary to what you think - a healthy increase in interest rates would do me personally the world of good because I might get more than sweet FA per pound on my savings rates (which I rely on for income as well as "rain days" - it's okay, I know you think I'm selfish expecting to get a return on that).

But in my view mortgage payers will suffer when interest rates rise and that covers my children's ability to provide homes for my grandchildren etc so I don't hope it changes too soon. As I said earlier though, at least any such change now will be small potatoes compared to the massive rates of the past.

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