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Old 28-06-2006, 07:00 PM
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Default Serving advice needed please (E220 CDI)

Help please a few questions on servicing.

What is a B service and what is a C service?

Is B the intermediate (i.e. oil change) and C the fuller service?
And what would an A be and is there a D, E etc?

Any idea what they cost from an MB service centre?

I think that I saw somewhere that if the car covered high mileages on say motorways, the car would recognise this and omit the B service and the C service might only be needed around 15-17k miles.

I bought my E220 CDI with 5K miles in May and the dash told me I needed a C service in another 7.5k miles. (So 12.5k miles)

Now with another 5K miles covered in less than two months, it is telling me the same i.e. C service needed in 2.5k miles? Should this not have moved back?

Any finally the service book was missing so the dealer sent me a new one but rather than saw A, B, C etc services it refers to 1,2,3 etc services.
Have they sent me the right book??
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Old 28-06-2006, 08:07 PM
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Welcome to the confusion that is ASSYST.

Its easy with vans, they only ask for an 'A' or 'B' where 'A' is purely an engine oil change and 'B' involves the air filter, checking/replacing brake pads and some other time related items such as a brake fluid change if required.

The cars are far more particular and tell you if the pollen filter is due for changing or if the brake fluid needs changing etc, to remove the need for the service technician to have half a brain cell. This is were the A, B, C, D.....and so on comes from.

Do a search on ASSYST and you will be rewarded with reams of reading and will probably end up none the wiser.
Steve H.

Sprint'n'Gone, It's a long story but I choose the easy life............
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Old 29-06-2006, 07:27 AM
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Yes, from what I can tell, its half the letters in the alphabet on the newer models. My last one (the cars second) was a 'D'. This was described as a 'Diagnostic' service. Allegedly they plug it in and it tells them what it would like. Hence, they can't give you an accurate price beforehand. I'm back to a B next time (what happened to the A?), but as no one seems to know how to tell it that it has fully synthetic oil, it won't start at 13,000 miles but 9500 instead. My last E class (a w210) also gave me another few thousand when I topped up the oil. I've popped 1l into the 270 but it didn't seem to care.

I'm going to have another go at the garage next time about the semi/full synth settings as I still believe this is possible. On some you can reporgram via the dash but mine seems to need the computer. I can reset the service counter from the dash display though so if all else fails I will be doing 3k and then resetting it each time.

In simple terms, yes, the higher the letter, the bigger the service. An A is just a simple oil change then it goes up with more checks, more filters etc the higher up the alphabet you get.
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