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Old 05-11-2012, 03:25 PM
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Default SLK32 ic pump relay question

I just bought a SLK32 and noticed a marked drop in performance when warmed up that comes and goes. From reading threads it seemed probable the IC cooling pump had gone, indeed the 5a fuse had blown. Replaced the pump with a bosch uprated pump and the fuse but still no change. Fairly sure it is not getting any power. Read elsewhere that the relay often needs changing at the same time. A MB dealership were pretty unsure what relay it was but guessed it was a general engine management relay at over 114 + vat. Needless to say they didnt have it in stock either.

Could anyone tell me where the actual relay is located? I would like to pull the relay and then get a part number and check it out.

any help much appreciated
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