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  1. Steve@Avantgarde

    Depreciation vs Maintenance.

    I was talking about the cost of the vehicle plus the road fund. I dont class tyres and brakes as net costs, only breakdowns or failures and I havent had one yet touch wood. ML - £7800+£1500/4
  2. Steve@Avantgarde

    Sadly Leaving the Fold.

    I think it was the time they grew up in when there was no nanny state (thank you labour :rolleyes:) that my generation has taken advantage of, there was an ethos of an honest days pay for an honest days hard work, and nothing was ever provided for you on a plate. If you had been given an...
  3. Steve@Avantgarde

    Depreciation vs Maintenance.

    Interesting post by the op... So for business reasons I drive a new (Jan 18) C220cdi which I have on 3 year lease. Mainly, so my business can reduce its corp tax bill and after grafting hard for so many years its nice to be able to do it. I put £3k down and pay £330 per month for it. Would I...
  4. Steve@Avantgarde

    Sadly Leaving the Fold.

    The best help I ever had from my father was no help at all. He always supported me in any decision I wanted to take and offered his advice and opinion but opened no doors himself, even when he possibly could. When I said I wanted to fix cars for a living he said, are you sure? You cant even...
  5. Steve@Avantgarde

    Getrag "Dog-leg" Manual box on old Mercs

    I love the old getrag box! Especially in the cossies. Yes its a bit clunky and snatchy but thats mid 80s boxes for you! You dont really need to use first and the down shift from 5th to 3rd especially when travelling with a bit of gusto has that lovely retro feel to it.
  6. Steve@Avantgarde

    Has anyone used this Bristol garage

    I'm sure the wont have taken offence buddy! Also thank you for your continued recommendation of my place across both forums!!
  7. Steve@Avantgarde

    7g tronic service

    Ah yes MB tech... Have to say, anything north of Gloucester is abroad for me these days....
  8. Steve@Avantgarde

    E class coupe help please

    Youll love the E class. The 212s and 213s are lovely. 1. An older E will be the same price as a newer C. A less specced E class will be the same price as a well specced C class of similar year. Mileage and owner count will also have a bearing on screen price. 2. Merc run the same engines...
  9. Steve@Avantgarde

    7g tronic service

    Wow...£450!! Expect to pay about £225 at an indie. Have we got any recommendations for indies in Lancashire?
  10. Steve@Avantgarde

    Has anyone used this Bristol garage

    Well, what can I say, you all have me blushing....:geek: Ill start with BG...Good guys, Rob and Dan are lovely people and I dont hear any bad things about their reputation or about their worksmanship. I've seen a few cars they have worked on and I've never seen any horror stories from them...
  11. Steve@Avantgarde

    Ad Blue Tank Problems

    Yes, common problem sadly.
  12. Steve@Avantgarde

    GLA - Can I buy this Car ?

    Probably had a Nox sensor fault, which is common and affecting just about every car on the planet from 2014. If its not on now its probably been sorted, if you like the car, ask the dealer for an extensive warranty.
  13. Steve@Avantgarde

    New W205 owner loving the car

    Welcome, the W205 is indeed a great car, I love mine.
  14. Steve@Avantgarde

    New car arrival

    Can you ever have enough John...;);) This will be when the daily C220 goes back next Jan/Feb time.
  15. Steve@Avantgarde

    New car arrival

    Im seriously tempted by an e coupe next. I love the look of them.
  16. Steve@Avantgarde

    2017 AMG GTC - Next Project Car?

    Did you price up an engine for it?
  17. Steve@Avantgarde

    Mercedes C180 Coupe (Petrol) -Temperature Gauge

    The thermostats are a common failure on this engine, we have replaced a few now, they break up inside.
  18. Steve@Avantgarde

    The fun begins :(

    Check the 20 amp fuse in the rear SAM LK. If the PSE has had a punch it might have sent a surge and blown it. Hence all the CAN comms faults. Absolutely gutted its happened. One of the nicest SLs out there too.
  19. Steve@Avantgarde

    Pot Hole crash CLS

    What a nightmare this is. From an advanced and expereinced racing drivers perspective, that was a completely unrecoverable accident. As you say, with ESP staying on tarmac, you may have brought that to safe stop, but once the rear wheel hits the verge it will step sideways and drag you off the...
  20. Steve@Avantgarde

    Vehicle Wanted 190E SOUTH WEST AREA

    I know of an absolutely mint manual which has had the same owner for the last 30 years, its done 120k. Its not for sale on the open market, but the owner last week indicated he would be willing to part with it as he no longer drives it.

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