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  1. turbopete

    The mystery road on Mercedes Sat Nav!!

    id say its a good reason to skip it from the options list and buy a tomtom, if that's the case!
  2. turbopete

    anyone else think this could be a scam?

    sent the seller an email to see what they come back with but at this price, there must be something amiss with it surely? im not a fan of...
  3. turbopete

    interesting, but how useful?

    I am well aware that any sort of software is only as useful as the person using it. however, i have seen these recently and wondered which, if any, would be a reasonable buy? I have a laptop i could use for the purpose and opinions would be welcomed from anyone in 'the know' First theres...
  4. turbopete

    clearing soot from exhaust/cat

    i know it will depend on the way its used, how its driven etc, but roughly how long should it take to clear all the soot etc from inside the exhaust components after being clogged up when running with a burst intercooler? I gave it a thrashing for 2 or 3 miles, and it still smokes quite badly...
  5. turbopete

    anyone know anything about freelanders?

    just had someone asking me about the TD4 freelander as theyre thinking of a new vehicle. i gather the 2 litre TD4 engine is a bmw unit. does this have the swirl flap problems the 3 series etc have? is there anything particular to look out for?? i said id ask around, and since we are such a...
  6. turbopete

    fuel leak!!!!! urgent help/advice needed please

    im hoping this is as easy a fix as it would first appear. driving along on saturday i started to smell diesel in the car. i removed the covers from over the engine and found the white item below had fuel dripping quite quickly out of the end of it. on closer inspection, as im sure many...
  7. turbopete

    i feel a crazy idea brewing in my mind.......

    as finances are very tight and i need a 'practical' car to ferry the family around, i am toying with the idea of having something 'fun' for myself to drive. i do, however, need to consider a few factors, such as fuel costs, insurance costs etc. not so mad so far BUT i was considering a...
  8. turbopete

    BAS warning light

    My 1999 E300 TD has an annoying little fault in that when you drive the car, after 7 or 8 times of pressing the brake pedal, no matter how gently you use the brakes, it puts the brake assist light on. ive changed the brake light switch and its no better. dealers want 70quid for half an hour to...
  9. turbopete

    fuel problems. help!

    hi. can anyone help me. i have a 1999 E300 turbodiesel. having problems with air getting into the fuel when the engine isnt running. it fills the clear pipe, tank side of the pre filter, with a bubble of air about 1 inch (25mm) or so long. ive changed all 4 clear plastic pipes and seals leading...

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