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  1. Cole@MBS

    SLK Rear Subframe

    Never seen a 203 one rust as bad as the later ones!! No is the reply I would expect!
  2. Cole@MBS

    SLK Rear Subframe

    Have you asked MB, there doing most now under warranty!!
  3. Cole@MBS

    2013 SL R231 powered trunk lid R231

    We had bad repairs on both sides!!
  4. Cole@MBS

    2013 SL R231 powered trunk lid R231

    You need to unpick the wiring in the lifting frame for the boot, cut open the loom, there your find a few Brocken wires I suspect, did one last week!
  5. Cole@MBS

    Mercedes 220 corrosion on sub-frame

    We have sent 3 cars to our local dealer (Southampton) in last couple of weeks, all three were done, one only sent the photos I took and they agreed it!! Seems there covering them now no matter where it’s been serviced!
  6. Cole@MBS

    "Entrance Position - do not drive"

    There is a code been lost in the front SAM, this is now a old but common fault now, SAM needs to be sorted on a star machine!
  7. Cole@MBS

    Any F1 fans

    Russel driving Lewis car then, let’s see what the young Brit is like in a good car?
  8. Cole@MBS

    Considering this SL350

    It might be lacking some history but it was a really nice honest car from what I remember old chap who owned it and did very little with it, Peter nash cars only deal in top end cars so tells you what kind of car it is!
  9. Cole@MBS

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Drove the c220 down to the Jamaica inn for a 3 day break, we are staying in the same room as I shared with our Malc on a forum gtg in 2014-15?? Brought back memories, I got up in the night and climbed out the window for a fag at 3am cause Malc was snoring so much!! Those were the days
  10. Cole@MBS

    W124 leak into cabin

    Do you have a sunroof??
  11. Cole@MBS

    Blue sensor on front brake

    That’s cause the near side is a 50% wear sensor So the hole in the pad is different to the O/S
  12. Cole@MBS

    Pressure sensor W221 2006 's' class 320

    That sounds like the compressor has either a leak or is getting worn out!! Can you do a fill time test on that bit of kit??
  13. Cole@MBS

    Pressure sensor W221 2006 's' class 320

    Need more info ?? Guessing it’s the pressure relief valve on the side of the compressor , what’s the car doing???
  14. Cole@MBS

    SLK 2005 Rear subframe replacement

    Many many times!!! Straight forward nuts and bolts job, the handbrake cable clips need drilling out and refitting on the new frame with rivets! Perfect time to clean the brake pipes up once the frame is out!
  15. Cole@MBS

    W211 E320 Cdi - Driver's door heated mirror permanently on

    2nd hand unit and door card off, easy fix and cheap!
  16. Cole@MBS

    W211 E320 Cdi - Driver's door heated mirror permanently on

    The drivers door control module is what powers the mirror, that’s told via a CAN network, can only think the module has gone down on the mirror side!
  17. Cole@MBS


    D class, look them up on line, will do it while you wait!
  18. Cole@MBS

    Om 651 ???

    Never taken any engine out to do cam sprockets , you simply unbolt the cams!!!
  19. Cole@MBS

    W205 C300 NOx sensor replace

    It’s not as simple as just replacing them, you first have to to see if the car is coded for 30o, if not it has to be updated via star to Germany, that updates the car build sheet at the factory, that in turn lets the parts dept sell you the correct sensor, as a common rule now days, you replace...
  20. Cole@MBS

    SL 55 AMG Charge cooler pump

    Don’t no part numbers but pump under o/s headlight! Remember to change relay as well!!parking pump is the circulation pump so wrong one!!
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