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  1. John Laidlaw

    Affalterbach 75mm wheel centre caps

    Rule is simple....on an AMG acceptable, if not, noooooooo !! Just to add, I have 3 remaining in my stock also if anyone needs more...
  2. John Laidlaw

    E250 W212 722.9 7 SPEED Auto

    Welcome, not on that year
  3. John Laidlaw

    Long boring introduction from a newbie

  4. John Laidlaw

    SL500 - knack for removing spark plug leads?

    Means you can apply force indeed, nice one , I’ve never owned a tappet adjusting spanner !
  5. John Laidlaw

    420SL R107 Concours Car Reg C855 RFE

  6. John Laidlaw


  7. John Laidlaw

    Vehicle Wanted: CLS55 / SL55

    Try @mbzclk and see if that conjures him up.....
  8. John Laidlaw

    Garage Rebuild

    oooooh- you mentioned that just before the 'Watershed' (I'll get me coat)
  9. John Laidlaw

    Garage Rebuild

    Yup, not like it's anything important, just 10" diameter 25 bar liquefied gas hoses..... :rolleyes: - it's all very well making them well but you surely need to get the rest right? :mad:
  10. John Laidlaw

    Front Air-Cap/ Wind Deflector staying up - E250 Cabriolet

    I've not used these myself, but I've heard good things If you wanted to travel a little further to Warrington, you could use
  11. John Laidlaw

    Garage Rebuild

    Had a similar nightmare on Tuesday Rus...... We had an SGS inspection booked for goods going to Tanzania. At the last minute someone thought I might like to review the documentation before the (remote) inspection at 11am... - we had sent them the wrong standard to inspect against - we had not...
  12. John Laidlaw

    Front Air-Cap/ Wind Deflector staying up - E250 Cabriolet

    Welcome sadly this is a thread from a (previously) regular member. It does seem that there IS a software fix, so maybe you need to go to someone who will actually try it (Mercedes Independent specialist- we can recommend if you post your location)...
  13. John Laidlaw


  14. John Laidlaw

    SL500 no dipped beam

    Welcome Andrew, suppose I have to be the stupid one but....have you checked the bulbs?
  15. John Laidlaw

    Garage Rebuild

    Hi did start it! He will now say 'my work is done' :rolleyes:
  16. John Laidlaw

    Garage Rebuild

    or a submarine..... :)
  17. John Laidlaw

    Bad fuel pump or immobiliser?

    the BBQ ones....
  18. John Laidlaw

    Bad fuel pump or immobiliser?

    you've some loose nuts at the top of the engine....that probably wasn't helpful :rolleyes:
  19. John Laidlaw

    2017 E Class - removing boot floor flap

    I think AdBlue tank is in there too .....,
  20. John Laidlaw

    124 Coupe 300 (C124)

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