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  1. McDonald

    Two SL bargains needing a little TLC...

    Buy the car @£4495.00, sell the wheels for £1200, scrap the car = loss of £3295.00, surely.
  2. McDonald

    Everyone Should Watch This

    One of the scariest places is the car park. Motorists become pedestrians and pedestrians become motorists, right before our eyes. I see stupid driving and dopey pedestrians constantly. In the end we have to acknowledge that the motorist is the one with the deadly weapon.
  3. McDonald

    26 and love my W202

    Welcome Jake, you just brought down the average age to below pensioner. Nice to think that you were 5 yrs old when your car was built.
  4. McDonald

    New to the world of Meecedes Benz

    Welcome Grumpyoldg1t, You won't get a lot of grief on this forum, it's a pretty friendly place.
  5. McDonald

    Interesting article on Diesel engines.

    A first class piece of writing. I love cars but have no experience of maintenance. I understood the article. Highly informative.
  6. McDonald

    I just got roasted for insurance..big time.

    Trumps difficulties arise when he is faithfully reported verbatim. He is surely the least articulate President ever to have held the office, certainly in my lifetime. He dislikes the media because it reports his words & actions. Scrutiny is his enemy. His repetition of the phrase,'Fake News' is...
  7. McDonald

    Hi all

    Welcome Davg, It's a friendly forum with lots of experience of these cars. Not much goes wrong, that hasn't gone wrong before.
  8. McDonald


    Welcome Steve, that's a fine fleet of cars.
  9. McDonald

    I just got roasted for insurance..big time.

    Denigrating mainstream media has done terrible damage in America. The easily-led have swallowed it hook, line & sinker and now believe that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are genuine sources of information. There's a constituency for this drivel even in our own country, God help us all.
  10. McDonald

    Now to divide opinion.

    Each to his own. Either way its a handsome car.
  11. McDonald

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    No fun at all, speedy recovery.
  12. McDonald

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Will you get tested automatically for Covid 19? Probably just the relentless heat. Hope you recover quickly.
  13. McDonald

    Sad news

    Sorry for your loss Janet. I hope your family pull together to support each other.
  14. McDonald

    Ceramic paint treatment?

    Big claims for longevity come with the territory. They're also uncheckable. If you leave your car tucked away in the garage, the shine will last indefinitely. If you venture out onto the road, it depends what the roads are like, surface, weather, traffic. And of course if you live by the sea...
  15. McDonald

    Modern cars & lucky escape on A19 this morning (daughter-in-law)

    Sorry to read of this accident, just glad no one was hurt. The bent metal is covered by insurance, personal injuries are a whole different matter.
  16. McDonald

    One rear tyre wearing unevenly

    I took the car to check the tracking and got all four wheels rebalanced. Our bumpy road surfaces had taken their toll. Glad to have sorted it. A closer look at the paperwork reveals that the tyres have done 8,500 miles, so my first post was unintentionally misleading.
  17. McDonald

    One rear tyre wearing unevenly

    Four people in my SL would be an intimate experience, at the best of times.
  18. McDonald

    One rear tyre wearing unevenly

    Four new Continental contact Sport 5 fitted 2,500 miles back. Hunter tracking done at the same session. My nearside rear tyre is worn on the inside edge. The others are all doing fine. What causes this & what's the fix?
  19. McDonald

    The New S Class Has Arrived

    Just curious Barry, is this for private use or do you run a limousine service? It's a really impressive car. Driving or riding in comfort.
  20. McDonald

    Audio upgrade

    DAB reception is excellent in my SL, a revelation.