1. orbitalegg

    AAM replacement

    Hi Guys, I am having issues with my central locking (W163 1998), it worked intermittently and has in the past 2 day given up completely. I am able to use the centre console button to lock and unlock the car and I can open the car with the key. I have put new batteries in the fob and having...
  2. A

    1998 e280 starter/ignition problem

    Hi all , recently purchased an 1998 e280 elegance, have started having problems with the keyfobs not starting the car. After reading forums I have replaced the batteries in the key fobs , both of them , I have one fob that will unlock the car boot etc, and one that will start the car but...
  3. A

    help e300td low power

    Hi i,m in need of some assistance i have an 1998 e300td w210 automatic and it seems to have an intermitting fault of the turbo not working, ususally car is fine accelerating upto 60 mph then turbo seems to stop working and car is very flat and does not change up gears at all until you release...
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