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    BRABUS GV12 2009

    Hi, I’ve got a Brabus gv12 2009 and im thinking of selling it but I can’t find any comparisons online to compare too in terms of value. Have any of you guys got an idea on value or what you’ve seen them sell for?
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    SLK 171 2009 (UK)- "Close Boot Separator Error"

    Hi all, I have an SLK 2009 (171) UK spec 1.8 Kompressor that has recently been giving me a "Close Boot Separator" error when trying to operate the vario roof. I have checked that the separator does close and latch correctly, which it does. The ONLY thing i've noticed is that the separator is...
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    Hello i recently bought a C Class C220 but i want DAB radio, is there any easy way in doing this or do i need to replace the radio and how would that work with the screen at the top?
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    New guys!!

    Evening!!! My dad has just got himself a 2009 SLK 200 Kompressor r171 which has become somewhat of a passion For him. I must admit, I'm also enjoying driving it!!! Anyway, we have been trawling the web, looking for the elusive fitted tub style boot liner. Can anyone help us with this, or any...
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    2009 e320: Restart Run Flat Indicator

    Hi, As detailed in my other Thread on a different subject I swapped the back wheel and the front wheel over (and back again). Ever since then I have had the warning message "Check tyres, then restart Run Flat Indicator" (as per picture). I've tried loads of things to reset it, but I just...
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    Replacement gear knob

    Hi, I have a 2009 manual C220 Estate and the manual 6 speed gear knob is starting to flake which is quite uncomfortable to say the least. I'm looking for any advice for replacing it, removing the old one and fitting the new. I'm not keen on getting a cheap Halfords, so any help on...

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