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    Hi everyone. Started to notice the high MPG and loss of power on my 08 e220 cdi. Bought a Bluetooth OBD scanner and the next codes appeared : P206D P20B6 P2251. In anyone experienced that, please give me an advice on what to do next or what might be the problem. Thanks !!
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    My right hand indicator, tail gate electronic locking and rear wipe not working

    Hi all. Don't know if anyone can help me but, when we returned after a month in Australia after all the really poor weather in February, my 220 CDi estate wouldn't start. A friend used jump leads to start it but, stupidly although he attached them the right way round on my car, he put them on...
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    C Class 220 CDI 59 plate DAB question.

    Hello Everybody. I am now the proud owner of my first MB and i love it!! one question. Can i get DAB on my stereo. I am sure i tapped into Rock FM and 5 Live but cant seem to navigate my way to it. was it a dream? Cheers MB fellow owners.
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    Adblue in 2.2 Bluetec engines

    Dear all, I have a technical question to ask all of you running the 2.2cdi Bluetec engine. How long does your Adblue tank last please between fills? I know the documentation says, "between services" but I am particularly interested in hard data on this, so any of you who fill yours up...
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    Pros and cons of remapping

    I've been considering getting a Mercedes with the 250 cdi engine as want a bit of performance ( 204 bhp ) but I'm just wondering if I find a better value 220 cdi is it a viable option to buy it and then get it remapped to 204 + bhp as they are the same engine just turbos tuned different. I've...
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    Thinking of getting a CLK C209

    The wife needs to change her car and is very keen on a CLK, 2007 or so. I'm guessting the are past and present CLK owners here Has anyone experience of them, good and bad? Is there anything to look out for? Petrol(200K) versus Diesel(220CDI)? What is considered too high of a millage...
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    C Class AMG Drivers Car Mat

    I purchased a 2011 C Class 220 CDI recently and it came with all the AMG black car mats. However, it was missing the front drivers side mats. I assume due to it being in poor condition. I am just wondering are you aware of anywhere I could get my hands on one.
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    E220 CDI (02) Engine Issues

    Hi All As a first time poster, hope someone can shed a little light on an odd issue I have recently experienced with my E220 CDI. She's an 02 plate Avantgarde saloon with around 170k on the clock. I've recently noticed that around five minutes after the start of any journey the engine...
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