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    230ce Coupe Ignition troubles

    Hi there, Having some issues with a 1992 230ce Coupe! Cars been off the road for a few months and left unused in the garden til today. Knew there was gonna be an issue getting the battery going so had another car (a golf) to try and jumpstart it. Car battery had no trouble going and electrics...
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    w123 230ce overheating fan problem?

    Hi there, A big hello to everyone on this forum. Ive got a 230ce 1985 w123, lovely beast but has been giving me some overheating problems since I bought it. On the motorway she's fine, stays at around 80 degrees or under. However as soon as I'm in traffic she lets me down! almost hit...
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    [Spares] W123 230/280 CE coupe rear screen

    Hi I have a rear screen form a w123 coupe for sale if anybody needs one. Comes with chrome trims and the original seal although the seal would need renewing. £60 buyer collects or arranges collection. PM me for more info. Levi :)
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    Help need exhaust for '85 230CE (w123 type)

    I have tried Mercedes-Benz dealerships and had already got one exhaust that is the wrong type. Information I've since got is Mot/Eng 102.980 Type W123-223-C123-243 I need the complete exhaust system for this vehicle which is currently in a garage in Ireland. Have any members here got...
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    230CE Engine Fails at Speed

    Hi There, I have an 1985 230CE automatic which generally drives perfectly in the city. However, when I bring it on the motorway and drive between 80kph and 100kph it intermittantly looses revs and tries to cut out. I have to practically stand on/pump the accelerator to get it to not stop...

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