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    Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI leaking?! HELP!

    Good Evening Folks New here, apologies if this is in the wrong place. Recently inherited this camper van. Doing it up but hit a snag! Just noticed this leak, any thoughts what it could be due to the location under the van. Lost powersteering as well. First thought is corroded fuel lines, and...
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    Mercedes sprinter 311 power loss

    Hello I'm new to this group, I need help with the problems with my sprinter 311 I've had it scanned and came up with loads of issues. The codes and issues are as followed 2244 no can message from control unit a1 2013 check component b14 can signal faulty 2510 check component y77/1 (boost...
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    Edc fault on Sprinter 311 cdi 2002

    Hi My sprinter has been difficult to start for quite a few months, especially when hot but I rarely use the van so when I do have the issue I use easy start It's a 2002 but only done 55 k miles ( genuine ) I purchased a replacement crankshaft sensor and cam shaft sensor, but when I was...
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