500 sl

  1. Rich R230

    R230 centre console latch....

    I’m guessing this is a massively common problem... the armrest latch is broken and I have to manually open the lower tray (compartment below the phone tray).... my question is this.... what’s the easiest remedy? Ie are the latch parts available, or is it a new centre console/armrest lid? help...
  2. 5

    [Wanted] WANTED 1991 500SL r129 front right indicator

    Hi there, Does anyone have a front right indicator for sale. It's the one that's orange and for the pre facelift model. Front right and side. Many thanks
  3. M

    R129 7-slats grille

    Hi guys, My boyfriend had a car accident and he broke the front grille of R129 SL.... His birthday is in a month and I am secretly searching the grille for him...because he was so down when he came back with the dent on the grille. I did a bit of research. His one has 7 slats rather...
  4. J

    [Wanted] 1992 500 sl V8 engine!

    Not sure exactly which model it is but mine is a 1992... I'm sure some of you experts will know what that makes it? If so feel free to add to the thread for others! My mechanic tells me that the timing belt has jumped and caused the engine to seize... Furthermore, due to the age of the car, the...
  5. BRABUS R230

    R129 500 SL Gearbox and Selector Lever Issue!

    Hi All, I have a 1991 R129 500SL, it has just reached 70,000 miles, the problem is a combination of things (maybe cause by one) the first issue is when I first start the car and select "D" and and start to drive off the car seems to stay in 3rd gear and never moves up or down a gear even if i...

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