a180cdi 2006

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    What is special about A180 2006 "Special Edition"

    Does anyone know what is allegedly special about the 3 door A180 Special Edition on a 2006 plate? I assume it is based on the Classic as it has: Black wing mirrors (not body coloured). 16 inch wheels BUT it also has: Alloy wheels Fog lights Cruise control Dial operated Climate...
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    Mercedes A180cdi(2006); all the lights but it aint xmas !

    Hi all, Parked my wifes A class at my moms place . 4 days later , i started car fine, and decided to hit the motor way and thats when the dash lit up with lights : ABS , ECD, ESP , etc ,etc . Freaked out !, i drove to my independent merc specialist . He immediately put car on diagnostics and...

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