airmatic problem

  1. K

    Exploding Air Suspension - w219

    Iv had the car for a few days, and after getting some repair work. Sports mode, sport 2 suspension, ESC Off I did some “ Aggressive “ driving. After a 45 min blast, I sit in the car parked off. Boom 1, air suspension front right collapsed ( new strut ) 10 mins later Boom 2, rear...
  2. Lee Edwards

    Gle350d 2016 airmatic

    Hi, new to club . I have a Gle 350d p+ 2016 . Airmatic 23k miles Please can someone direct me to a post regarding my problem. I have read many threads and can’t find anything. The airmatic has malfunction. No leak, not sagging, level . Not fuse or relay. Normal first thing in comfort, until...
  3. J

    Airmatic code 5507

    Hey all, C219 with airmatic, front left strut just changed due to split and caused red car too low message. Strut changed over but now after a min or two white message saying airmatic visit workshop. Have scanned and cleared all airmatic faults but code 5507 - “suspension strut is...
  4. CrustyClam

    Check Component Y53y2 - Left rear axle damping valve.

    Hi, Recently I have felt my car has being suffering from a harsh ride., anyway after a decent drive today I stopped to fill up at the shell garage. On starting the car I had a malfunction error appear related to airmatic, drove home ok, turned the car off and on, the error on the display...
  5. G

    where is the airmatic pressure relief valve on a mercedes s320 2004

    Hi Hope someone can help been told the problem with my airmatic system is a loose or corroded wire on the pressure relief valve friend had it on star diagnostic machine. can anyone tell me where the valve is and whether it is straight forward to replace the wire. thanks gary

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