1. W


    Hello All, im new on the forum and have just bought a 2012 E220 CDI RHD. From what ive read it appears to have an NTG 4 unit though im not entirely sure. I would like to get and Android screen that will integrate with the existing head unit so that i dont loose any of the other features i have...
  2. N


    Hi everyone, I have had replaced by a professional my original entertainment screen of my w205 (with OEM 360 camera) from 2016 to have the 10.25" screen from Hualingan I have had several issues which I struggle to have resolved and I am wondering if any of you have had similar issues and how it...
  3. B

    Android Auto Woes

    Hi all! First post here but looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully have a crack at resolving an issue I’ve been experiencing for some time. For some background, my vehicle is an 2016 A180d (65 plate) that originally did not come with the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay software...
  4. R

    No signal - Bluetooth connection

    So I've changed phone recently, to a new android phone and have a problem with the bluetooth connection. The phone pairs fine, but the car shows it as having no signal, even though it does. Anyone ever seen this before? Worked entirely fine with my last phone.
  5. Ali Ayman

    Slow Android Auto and New Dash cam

    Hey guys, I hope you're all well. I own a 68 reg c200 coupe and I have a few electrical questions please. 1- The infotainment system is perfect so far, but I feel like google maps is better than the car's sat nav as it seems to give me shorter routes which is why I prefer to use Android auto...
  6. P

    Android head unit replacement

    So, a couple of months ago, audio system stopped. Did some research and then did the 3 fuse removal, left it for an hour; replaced fuses, switched on; same result...... Merc logo then off. Did what one always does when the matter plan fails.... Make a brew! An hour later, come to the car to go...
  7. AnthonyUK

    S203 Android head unit upgrade

    I finally got around to fitting an Android unit to replace the aging COMAND 2.0. I fitted an Erisin ES7863GB which is a current Android v8.0 unit with Octacore processor (PX5), 4Gb RAM and 32Gb rom. I was very straight forward to fit using the supplied cables and so far everything appears to be...
  8. Y

    Android Auto for a new E Class (W213)

    Hi I have a new 18 Plate E200D SE. This is new but i think its a 2016 Model (Reg is 18), so just the lowest spec E Class Now it doesn't have Android Auto. Any idea how much this would cost to either get the dealers to install Android or get this Retro fitted? Thanks
  9. Nick Hillier

    Media interface ~ order of track play

    Hi All, Having purchased the appropriate leads set on eBay, I was disappointed that my android phone was incompatible with whatever gizmo looks after the sound in my A207 but I dug out an old iPod mini which worked a treat so far as the sound went. Only a minor gripe but WHY does the car...
  10. N

    Cheapest way to have android mainly google maps on nav screen in W205 C250 Mercedes

    Easy/cheapest way to have android mainly google maps on nav screen in W205 C250 Mercedes. Can't find anywhere that can take the original screen and put Google maps on it. Can anyone help?
  11. B

    Aftermarket Headunit

    Hi Guys, Hope you're all good and well. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition (W219) which has the COMAND system. I am currently looking for the best quality replacement head unit as the current one has always refused to play nicely with my iPhone's even though I am using the ones recommended...

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