auto transmission

  1. O

    Please help

    Hi the problem i have is that i have just brought and had fitted a second hand auto gearbox for my 1995 w124 e220 estate from a well known second hand mb parts site, But when the box arrived we noticed the part number was ground off and a couple of the fittings on the box were slightly different...
  2. I

    Gear box slipping

    In my 1998 E300 automatic over the last months I have seem to be pushing the accelerator further to get moving especially in the mornings. Also a couple of times (in morning) seems to come out of gear altogether for a few seconds. My local garage are scared to tough the gearbox. What do I do?
  3. appledore

    CLK 240 Auto W209

    Hi All, I have a strange humming/vibration noise coming from rear of car, this only happens after driving about 3 miles and then this noise comes on for about 5 seconds and goes off. If i take foot of accelorator the noise stops instantley. I've notice that the car can be a bit jumpy when...
  4. H

    Towing with an auto

    I currently tow with a V70 manual and wish to change to an auto but I read on Volvo's Forum that when hold is engaged on descents on their Geartronic box there are experiences where the box can default to neutral and leave you free-wheeling to the bottom! Not a happy thought for someone who...
  5. S

    Auto Transmission Jerks Car when lowering gear

    Hiya, Its a weird problem thats quite random. When i step on the accelarator sometimes, the gear drops but i can feel a jerk/thud when this happens and then the car speeds up again. Its quite random but im not sure if its normal for this to happen. One situation for example - Reducing...
  6. C

    Auto transmission fluid leak

    :confused: Hi all, I have a 1999 C250TD Auto (Saloon) which I was cleaning last night when I noticed an oil leak from the front of the car (i had taken off the underbody cover). The leak was only present when the car was idling - when the engine was off no leak, when driving (reversing up the...

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