1. W

    A180 w176 1.5 d auto amg sport losing power please help!!!

    Hi it’s been quite a journey I purchased the above car on a 64 plate and on the 150 mile journey the engine management light came on so I called the seller who advised I drive on so I got about 30 miles further and it was hopeless I think I would still be driving back now so I had it recovered...
  2. P

    A Class Intermittent Starting

    Hi, My in-laws have an A-Class 1.5 Petrol Auto 2008 and it's developed an intermittent starting problem. When the problem occurs the engine doesn't attempt to start. Everything lights up as it should when the ignition is switched on, but it won't attempt to turn over. It seems to happen not...
  3. F

    Auto occasionally going into first

    Hi folks, newbie he so please be kind! I was going someone can help with an odd problemi have with my 2010 CLC200 Kompressor auto... Occasionally, about once a month, after I've been driving normally in Comfort, I'll stop at lights then notice after pulling away that it's gone from "D" into "1"...
  4. T

    W124 auto gearbox noise

    W124 E280 1995 auto estate: I'm getting what I can only describe as a whining noise coming, I think from the gearbox when the car is on the move. The noise changes in pitch as the car accelerates, becoming less noticeable when it's cruising in top. The noise also occurs under deceleration. Any...
  5. F

    Auto Stuck In '2nd' Gear

    Sprinter 318 Auto 2007.Van starts as normal,put it into D and van moves but won't get above '2nd' gear.It just makes the revs get extremely high.Any help would be appreciated.The battery did go dead before this happened,would this cause anything? Thanks :confused:
  6. W

    W169 Auto box

    Morning, is it a DIY to check the oil level in a 2010 A150 Automatic? No real problem but recently when I take it out of the garage the first gear lever movement clunks as I move it backwards. After that everything is smooth no problems at all. Its just that one time from cold. When I say...
  7. B

    Engine stall when in drive.

    Hi All, Just wondering if any members have any knowledge on my little problem. Just picked up a 1984 280E Auto and love it but is has a few little niggles and quirks. The main one that concerns me is when in Drive the engine revs drop a little when I'm at standstill. Not really an issue...
  8. J

    Auto gearbox issues on 2006 B-Class 170

    Hi, I own a B170SE 5-door Auto CVT, Petrol. It recently started playing up when going uphill, like it's struggling to choose the correct gear and after a few hours of driving will report "Transmission failure - visit workshop" on the dashboard. Over time, it's become progressively worse and...
  9. R

    auto levelling lights

    A few times this week i have been driving my C class coupe 2012 in the dark but when the lights dip i still get cars flashing me thinking i have my full beam on. when the lights self adjust they seem to be inline with cars windscreen or just under but as the roads are not flat as soon as i hit a...
  10. R

    ML270 2002 - Stalls in Drive

    Morning, Will be going back to the Indie thisa afternoon, but.. Just collected it after having the Electro Plate replaced as the temp senso and speed sensors were showing faults.. Gear chages really nice and smoothe and changes at the right revs without issues now, and starts again...
  11. R

    URGENT !! ML270 Auto Box No Neutral / Park signal

    Afternoon, The ongoing saga of my ML270... I have Starting issues where the Starter solonoid will not get an earth switch signal after the car has been driven, thus when I turn off the engine it will not start again until cooled down. Had an auto electrician out today who can see with...
  12. C

    Continuously Flashing Hazard Light Switch

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDI Transmission: Auto Fuel: Diesel Body type: W203 Year: 2001 Hey Guys. One by one i am working through various issues with my car. I previously had an issue with an ESP warning on the dash computer. I originally thought the Flashing Hazard switch was related to...
  13. C

    Auto to Tiptronic??

    Can i fit a W170 tiptronic gear lever/module to my R170 automatic? I can change the gears with the stick with no problem but it is not the same as a quick flick of a tiptronic stick. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated :confused:
  14. M

    sl320 320sl auto 1996 will not change up into top gear

    Having a problem with the gearchange - in drive on the selector, but seems to stay in 3rd. I can travel for 30 miles like this, so not a warm-up problem. Fluid level appears ok. Car 1s R129 1996
  15. C

    Diesel fuel pip

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI Auto, on a 2001. Recently i have been coming up with numerous little issues. Anyways, not so long ago i had a fuel pipe replaced which cost me about £28 (In the photo the prominant black ribbed pipe). However i now suspect its the pipe i have cricled in red...
  16. S

    2005 Sprinter 311CDi whinning nose when not under load

    Hi all, i was wondering if anyone has had this problem: When accelerating up a hill the whinning stops, if i stop accelerating the noise comes back also when accelerating downhill over 60 it makes the same noise Any help would be much appreciated Regards Btw its the van has a...
  17. R

    ML270 Auto not engaging neutral

    Hi. I have a 2005 ML270 and have a problem with the automatic gearbox. When I apply the brakes in order to stop completely, it does not engage itself into neutral. So although I'm stationary with the brake on, the car is still trying to pull forward. My temporary solution is to slip it...
  18. E

    a lot of gear changing

    I have a c200cdi 05. Auto. 70K recently after topping up engine oil it went to limp mode on me twice. i stripped the air intake etc out as I knew I had spilt some oil when filling. using an engine degreaser i removed all traces of oil and also removed and cleaned the MAF. It seems okay so...
  19. M

    Just Bought a 1984 W123 230 Auto

    Hi All I have committed a cardinal sin and bought a 1984 W123 230 Auto off ebay without looking at it. From the pic's I got it does not look to bad but it has been sorned for the past six years. Can anyone give me advice on which workshop manual is is the best, also I require some door...
  20. R

    1990 230E Auto Intermitant acceleration

    Hi new to the site and could really do with some help. My old 230E has decided it dos'nt want to change gear at the right time. At times at 3-4000 revs it will still be in 2nd gear doing 20mph (feels like a clutch slipping but it's not I've been assured the box is ok) other times it will do...

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