1. M

    B-class B180 , Year 2013, 1.8 Diesel Automatic

    Hi, Got B180 , B-class, 1.8 Diesel Automatic, It doesn't go in any gear, if I shift the stick to D it blinks red and go back to P mode, These are the errors it show, can anyone help ? Is it due to Front Passenger Seat car is not driving ? Or any other issue ? Please advice thanks
  2. B

    W245 TerraClean ???

    Sorry if this has been asked already but I was wondering about getting the B Class TerraCleaned - it has about 46k miles on it and one of the lads at work recommended TerraClean (we were talking mpg) as a way of cleaning the engine and maybe even improving the MPG a little in the process...
  3. Wheel


    Hi folks, Sorry it's been a while since I posted here. I'm looking at a new car. I used to own a B160 (old shape) and it was a great little car. I sold it a year ago basically because I needed the money at the time. I know there aren't many fans of the B-Class on this forum, but I have a soft...
  4. Irresistance

    W245 B-Class opinions, reliability and MPG request

    Hello, My wife's trusty old W210 E320 CDI is slowly becoming EOL, and we need a new a vehicle. After some deliberations I have come to believe the W245 B-class may be a suitable replacement. However, I am not very well-versed in this car and know little about it in terms of reliability and...
  5. O

    New B class ordered...self park?>

    Hi I had a B class for a weekend to test drive...and followed up with an order..- waiting for confirmation. B180 SE CDi.. with cruise/boot package and sunroof..Manual gearbox One thing I never figured out over the weekend was the "self park" option... just never got it... despite pulling...
  6. A

    Remove Radio/Vents B-Class

    Hi guys Started doing quite a bit to the B now and really need to get the Radio out to add an Aux cable. I've looked on Mercupgrades but am really unsure where I need to put the pulling hooks and what to do with them to get the top vents out - it's all a bit vague. I can see 2 metal tabs...
  7. A

    Audio 20 Dot Matrix iPod B-Class

    Hi Guys Apologies if this has been covered a million times before but I've searched and can't quite find the answer I'm looking for. I have a 2007 B-Class with the dot matrix Audio 20. If I press CDC for a few seconds I get AUX Input Active which is cool. Sadly, no connection in the...

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