1. C

    R129 500SL Engine problems

    Hi all my name is Chris and I have just joined MB. I currently own a 1992 R129 500 and have a frustrating engine problem. I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advise or rectification. If the car is used daily everything runs fine. The problem starts if I leave the car for a period of...
  2. D

    R129 not starting

    Hi all, i have a 1991 500sl that is refusing to start. It was put away for winter and started when first time when removed from storage. the second start it refused to start instead to back fired loudly. it would then run for 5 seconds and die out. any help appreciated
  3. ds24215605

    C230 1997 Auto Sport Sluggish when starts and started to backfire!

    When i start up after a few hours parking the engine struggles to keep constant revs This goes away after a short time yet now the car has started to misfire / backfire when i depress the accelerator pedal quickly? It still goes ok on motorway but is getting sluggish as time goes on. I have...

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