1. G

    Advice on paintwork blemishes

    Hey everyone, I bought my beautiful 2015 C204 a few weeks ago, and after giving it a good clean (following some of the amazing advice from these two posts 1, 2), I've noticed some issues with the paintwork. I've taken some pictures, although it's very hard to capture the extent of the issues...
  2. P

    R231 SL Rear Windscreen Trim (Black) Fading / Flaking

    Hello good people - hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend! Having given my 2014 R231 SL a good bath earlier, I have noticed that the two rear windscreen trims are fading (see pics). They are gloss black originally. Has anyone come across this / know a good solution? I'm thinking...
  3. Mazin Bayoumi

    New to Mercedes

    Hi, I'm completely new to owning Mercedes, I've had mostly BMWs in the past but just bought a 2008 C320 and I'm a bit annoyed it's taken this long to discover how nice they are to drive. For the age it is in showroom condition and only has 47k on the clock. I'm not sure exactly the spec as some...
  4. Richard E

    Happy to join!

    Really hope we can share some knowledge. I love to work on cars and I've just bought a 2008 CLK 320 (V6 Diesel) Cabriolet (A209) and although it's been well cared for there are a few typical things to deal with. First question: anyone know where I can download a mechanics service manual? Thanks!!
  5. A

    Post-2008 lights into a 2003 SL55

    I would be VERY grateful if anyone can offer any help with regards to a post-2008 conversion on a 2003 SL55 I am in the middle of. All the body parts have been ordered (full Black Series kit arrives next week!), however I have been told that the kit needs the following parts to work: -...
  6. K

    E63 AMG - Black Matt in Harrow, London!

    Hi folks, Wonder in we have a member here who drives an E63 Estate Black Matt finish (in the old shape i.e. not the latest shape)? I passed one in Rayners Lane, Harrow, London earlier today and he passed me with a nice exchange of exhaust music. :D If they are on this forum all I got to...

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