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    Ready for Bluetooth telephony (no telephone authorised)

    Hi all, I've recently bought a B Class Mercedes second hand and was excited to be able to connect my iphone xr to the onboard computer for phone calls, music etc. However, I've tried eveything I can think of to connect via bluetooth but all i get is the above message. I can't scroll on the...
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    C207 2015 Engineering Menu / BT Audio

    In an effort to set bass levels to default as discussed in my other thread I found a reset option under Vehicle settings. The reset cleared the previous owners settings including, which I had been removing manually, and also removed the option to select a BT media device. Reading around the...
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    How to connect phone to use in car

    Hi all. I'm new here just joined today as I bought a 2008 ML280CDI yesterday and need a little help. I have been trying to connect my android phone to the vehicle but cant seem to do it. I have looked through the owners book and tried everything. I was wondering if anyone has had the same...
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    S Class 2007 Entertainment System

    Hi all, Wanted to ask if anyone knew of a place in the UK that did entertainment systems for the S Class W221 2007 model. I saw a link online however they are based in America. Link provided below. I am looking for something which can connect my phone via Bluetooth to play music and...
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    B Class - Connecting an Android device as an Audio Aux source

    Hello, My used 2008 B Class came with an iPod connector and a Bluetooth phone connection already installed. The problem is that all of my music is on my Android phone and I can't seem to connect it all. My Audio 20 manual says that I can connect it as and AUX device via the 3.5mm jack in the...

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