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  1. H

    2010 coupe window trim

    Hi has anyone had problems with the chrome window trim discolouring. I've just picked my new car up and at first I thought it was just wax residue but it's not coming off. I was wondering about replacing the hole lot both sides front to back Or getting them wrapped or sprayed gloss black to...
  2. rai

    W202 Dent Repair

    Hi, I have recently joined the club and this is my first post. I own a 1996 W202 Mercedes C180 4 door saloon in Alexandrite Green just over a year now, recently re-newed my insurance. It has been in the family for 4 years now. I need help on 'How to repair a dent'. The dent is an inch long...
  3. T

    Vehicle Wrap

    i have a w114 which is getting quite a lot of rust bubbles and has to live on the street Im not able to afford the many thousands of pounds that full restoration would need right now and im thinking of getting it plastic wrapped. Does anyone have experiance of wrapping old cars? and...

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