1. A

    Recommend garage or boost suggestion

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good garage near Edinburgh, specifically East Lothian? I had my car in a garage for a while who were looking into a problem when the car went into limp mode. They were really good and didn't rip me off, they got it driving again but...
  2. M

    Mercedes clc203 supercharger

    Hi, ive got a 2010 manual Mercedes Clc 1.8l kompressor The supercharger doesnt seem to be working. Hoping someone can help. Ive gone through all the obvious fixes including vacuum tested numerous times have replaced the Maf Sensor 02 sensor and has also been into Mercedes but still know...
  3. T

    W220 no boost after 5 min

    Hey, I have a 2002 s320 cdi, w220 automatic. The car starts fine, idles fine, revs high and everything seems in order, however, after driving a few minutes (1-5min) the car looses all boost pressure. I have icarsoft mb v2.0 where i can retrieve some data, such as maf sensor values, and inlet...
  4. A

    A220 Boost pressure sensor location.

    Hi, just joined the forum. I have a fault on my car, the boost pressure sensor needs to be changed. Can someone tell me where this is located. Thanks alot for you help.
  5. A

    Mercedes W211 E220 CDI B28/5 & B5/1 Fault

    Hi guys, I need help for my car Mercedes Benz w211 E220 CDI year 2003. The car has no boost power and causing black smoke. The rev reaches only 3000rpm. Went the diagnose the car and the following faults was found. DTC 2025-08: Check component B28/5 (pressure sensor downstream of air...
  6. G

    W211 E270cdi boost issues

    This is my first post so please bear with me Starting from the beginning. I had a problem with my E270 where the EGR valve came up on diag (p0404). Took off and cleaned thoroughly. Took on test drive and seemed to work ok until a long drive (30+ miles). Back on the diag, now comes up with...
  7. Mr Filipov

    CLS320 CDI turbo not spooling

    I am having a big problem with my car at the moment. Yes yet another one. It is starting to drive me to the point of getting rid but besides the point. In the last 3 days I have started to lose the turbo all together. I will for example to a stop at a set of traffic lights and when I go to...

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