brake disc wear

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    Brakepads and brake disk replacement

    Evening people. Just had a quick question regarding the cali[ers on my 2014 amg line a180. In a video showing the removal of the calipers some people used a caliper rewind tool and some did not. Does anyone know if this is a nesesity or can you do it without. If so what does it do and at what...
  2. bertg

    Garage Recommendations In S.London Please

    After yet another recall for our 2013 B Class, this time something to do with the braking systems MB Croydon have suggested Front Pads 80% worn and Front Disks are 0.4 away from recommended thickness, they did mention in fairness that until the warning light comes on we will be ok. Could someone...
  3. E

    E350 CGi Cabriolet - Brake Disc wear

    I had my E350 serviced (B Service) in Jan (30,000 miles) and informed that I had about 20% left on the front brakes, in Mar 2,000 miles later the watrninging light came on so I arranged for pad replacement at the dealer. I had a loo and felt the edges of the discs and thought I would measure...

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