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    Thinking of getting C Class for first Merc

    Hi all, I am currently looking to buy a Mercedes for the first time, looking at 2006-2008 C Class usually with 60-100K miles. Are there any serious issues or reliability issues with these model years with these miles and what is running costs like including servicing and mpg? Models im looking...
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    Very Unusual Problem..Automatic Gear does not switch to R

    Hello I am suffering with my C200 CDI Auto 2005 facelift model. The gear stacks D and does not switch to R. With a manual intervention(using a screw driver) I could change to R. Sometimes the car does not start, when the key is inserted, the display comes on and the gear display is blank on...
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    C200 Blue Efficiency Gearbox Issue

    Dear members. I am throwing myself out there to the mercy of you all in the hope that someone can shine some light on an issue I am having with my 2011 c200 Cdi. During summer, the car was magic but recently, as it's colder, selecting gears in the morning has been a right arm ache. It's...
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    Need Advice - C200 2011 Model

    I have come across two MB C200 2011 model. Both are looking good to me and would like expert opinion to decide which i should buy. I drive 62 Miles every day which is mostly moterway run. MPG is quite key to me. I have been reading Merc C class 2011 model reviews online and mostly i see...
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    Problem with Transmission for C200.

    I am having trouble with my transmission. I have a c200 cdi 2006 Automatic with just under 60k on the clock. When driving, it is all fine however on occasions it seems to stop changing gears and just revs past 3000rpm. When this happens and I have come to a stand still, changing to and from...
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    Interior Lights Problem

    Hello Eveyone! I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem of the interior lights not coming on when you unlock the car or open the door? All lights work if you press the light switches on the roof so the bulbs/fuses must be ok? I have made sure the door switch is ok and they are all...
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    C200 2005 New Owner - Please help

    Guys and Gals First of all, I am glad to find this forum. At least for some things for the Merc comes free of cost and the same quality... like the advice on this forum. Well... I bought a used C200 CDi 2005. I have some questions. Infact, I was so excited while buying the car that I...

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