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    C63 Buying Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a C63 Saloon (2012 - 2014) soon. I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on buying/owning these cars. I've done some research and am looking for a car optioned with the performance pack/LSD, but please let me know any other info I should know before buying...
  2. J

    Just saw this C63 review, I think I want one now!

    Hi all, long time lurker first-time poster. I have been thinking about buying the C63 S Coupe for a while now but after seeing this review by Matt Brand Cars I'm ready to pull the plug and just buy one. But does anyone have experience driving the C43 vs the C63? Is it worth the extra cash? I...
  3. M


    Hello, WANTED - 507 Edition Wheels for C63 Coupe (2012) Would consider High Quality Reps but ideally Genuine Black wheels only. Best, James
  4. A

    Total newbie with headbolt issue

    Hi all. New to merc (infact new to forums although I read them all the time) I finally moved up from my audi s5 and purchased my dream car, a 2009 c63 w204 saloon performance pack. Only to discover it was suffering coolant issues which eventually led to the car dying on me. Mercedes...
  5. M

    Whine when accelerating hard C63 AMG W204

    I am hoping someone can help me out. I have recently purchased a 2013 C63 Estate with 44K on the clock. When i accelerate hard generally in S or S+ the car almost sounds like its supercharged!! I am not sure if this is Gearbox related? It is sometimes a little clunky and when it is cold it...
  6. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E63s AMG Stage 2 Remapping!

    Good morning fellow members, Had this lovely E63s AMG in a few weeks ago I forgot to post. Customer of ours had bought this already running decat downpipes, modified air boxes and tuned. Customer had been having running issues with the vehicle with catalyst related faults bringing on check...
  7. J

    Are there any major differences between a 2010 or a 2013 AMG C63??

    Hey guys, So I’m about to sell my Cayman S and purchase a way more sensible C63! I’m probably going to go for the estate rather than the saloon, but I’m not 100% on this yet, any advice on any issues with estate etc would be appreciated. My main question is I’ve got around £18-£20k to spend...
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  9. Jonathan Schofield

    C63 - Oil usage question

    Actually I have two questions relating to oil: Is 1 litre per 4000 miles within acceptable limits? What temperature should oil be running at? Mine varies, when warmed up, between 95c and 105c in traffic whilst the coolant is fairly stable. I have noticed that after running for around 20...
  10. Jonathan Schofield

    C63 Head Bolts?

    I am now the proud owner of a 2008 C63 Estate. It has full MBSH and as far as I can tell has been quite well looked after. The car is original, not chipped, messed up or buggered about with but, as always with my cars, bought with a rush of blood.... However, I have read on here and elsewhere...
  11. Jonathan Schofield

    New here and saying Hello...

    Hi I am new to this forum but not new to Mercedes. I have just purchased a C63 Estate of 2008 vintage and this will be my 9th Merc throughout my driving career. This is however the fastest Merc and one of the fastest cars I have owned. I have always loved the marque and keep coming back...
  12. G

    Newbie with a c63 on his mind

    Hi, Im George, from Bath and have hankered after a c63 since their release ! 'm struggling between the saloon / estate at the moment as i need to be able to put my bike in the car with ease and wondered if the rear seats folded down on the saloon to allow a bike to be put in the boot? I'd...
  13. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C63 with Carbon Parts

    Mercedes C63 coupe 2013 New Carbon Black Series style front lip spoiler New Carbon Full Mirror Housings New Carbon Rear Boot Lip Spoiler New Carbon Big Fin Rear Diffuser 20141026_122718 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr 20141026_122648 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr...
  14. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C Class W204 '08 - Conversion to C63 2012

    We have just taken in today another C350cdi W204 2008 and we plan to give it the Facelift 2012 C63 look conversion... Lets start with some images of the car as stock and add a few more over the next week. 20140923_110908 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr 20140923_110926 by Projex Design...
  15. ProjexDesignUk

    Video - Mercedes C63 AMG IPE Performance Exhaust

    Another IPE Remote control system fitted... C63 AMG 2012> link - http://youtu.be/U9z25EoYHwo U9z25EoYHwo
  16. ProjexDesignUk

    ARMA Hyper-Flow Carbon Air Induction kits - Uk dealer

    We are proud to launch these new Carbon HyperFlow Air Induction kits by ARMA - Cars - Mercedes A45 AMG Mercedes C63 AMG Mercedes C350 Mercedes C250 Mercedes A250 Pricing on Applications - C36 AMG - 1389240973wqvxb0 by Projex Design Uk, on Flickr C300 C300 by Projex...

    mercedes c63 show car

    Here is an update on are c63 6.2 litre show car thoughts members 10% discount for all MB MEMBERS NOW :)
  18. ProjexDesignUk

    Mercedes C Class W204 C63 / Black Edition Bonnet

    We have just completed another C Class w204 with our front bonnet conversion We are offering a C63 look with Black edition Vents for Standard C Class w204 car... as some of you are aware you can not fit the C63 bonnet to the Non AMG cars. This is a great solution and looks perfect...
  19. W

    C63 wheels for my....diesel !

    Hi all, I know there have been lots of threads re: wheel fitments, and to those in the know sorry for asking again ! But, I have found a set of C63 replica wheels that I really want to treat myself to. I have a C320 CDI (57 Plate) which currently has standard 17" wheels. I'm not too sure...
  20. ProjexDesignUk

    WOLRD 1st C63 Estate Black Edition COMPLETED

    After 4 weeks of hard work and effort we have completed one customers dream of having and Black Edition car with practicality. Full wide body conversion on the car - Front Bumper - custom made DRL lights Front Wings Side Skirts Rear widenings Rear Bumper Rear Diffuser Carbon Accents The car...

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