1. A

    Brakepads and brake disk replacement

    Evening people. Just had a quick question regarding the cali[ers on my 2014 amg line a180. In a video showing the removal of the calipers some people used a caliper rewind tool and some did not. Does anyone know if this is a nesesity or can you do it without. If so what does it do and at what...
  2. moj91

    [Spares] W204 295mm Front Brake Calipers, both sides, VGC

    W204/S204 295mm TRW Front Brake Calipers, both sides available, VGC. Would rather sell the pair, but will sell them separately. £40 posted each within mainland UK. Paypal please, or cash on collection Northampton. Cheers!
  3. A

    mL320 caliper sticking

    Having issues with dealer about real reason for brake failure...on my w164 2007 My rear brakes got stuck leading to one rear wheel getting red hot. Merc sent out recovery who told me the caliper was stuck and brake pad worn. (All pads were previously around 40% worn) It was recovered and...
  4. S

    [Wanted] Brake Caliper W202 1998 C220 diesel esprit

    needing an NSR brake caliper for the above car 1998 c220 diesel esprit 35mm piston 07845 040852
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