camshaft actuator

  1. C

    Help!!! M276 Engine specialist needed

    Hi Everyone! I am hoping someone here can help me out with this or knows someone who can because I really am at my wit's end. For the past 6 years I've been the proud owner of a beautiful (and extremely rare) 2011 C350 V6 Petrol in Brilliant Silver with only 57000 miles (the 300+ bhp one). It...
  2. delboyuk2508

    Camshaft Actuator Malfunction

    Since doing my headgasket I have had the engine light come on twice, once just after I started the engine up after replacing the headgasket, and there were several faults in memory, which I cleared, and once today, on both occasions the "camshaft actuator malfunction" was in the memory, I have...

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