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    CD Player in E430 Estate

    Due to recently discovered (serious) rust beneath the CD player.....which is located at the rear on driver's side of the car I had to remove the cd player, together with its brackets. It looked like the local garage had already had a look because of the untidy replacement of the rear panels...
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    CD Player for new Eclass

    Hi - Having a new E Class which is great, 3 weeks old - all I need now is something to play my CD's - I cannot find anything that will let me play them and its driving me nuts:( Has anybody managed to get something that works?
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    CL500 stereo

    I just had a look at a CL500 (August 2004) and it seemed great. But the CD changer in the boot isn't playing CDs. The CD in the Comand unit is working. I'm just wondering if this is a major job? Satnav seems to use the disc in the boot OK.
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    C Class C180 CD player upgrade

    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade the standard cd player that I have in my Merc to something more modern. I'm looking for a cd player with mp3 connectivity and if possible bluetooth so I can use the phone function. I'm not sure what cd players are compatible for my car. If anyone can...
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