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    CLK 200 Timing Chain - Known Problem?

    have a CLK 200, 2008 vintage, with a serious problem. Now all of a sudden everyone is telling me - Oh yes, CLK 200, timing chain, yes that a Merc known problem! But is it? Here's the story ... My wife has a CLK 200 convertible, Jan 2008, bought two and half years ago with 40k on the clock...
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    CLK200 Emissions - MOT Failure - Running Rich

    Anyone come across this before? 1998 CLK200 Auto with 68,000 on the clock has just failed its MOT on emissions. CO and HC are way high and Lambda is low. Chap doing the MOT said it needed a new cat but I'm struggling to see why the cat would cause low lambda. I've pulled the plugs and...
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    Remove Cabriolet Roof

    Good Afternoon Guy´s and Girl´s I have a CLK200 W208 Cabriolet and want to remove the soft top and frame to carry out some repairs and refurbish. Has anyone got or can direct me too some technical drawings and / or instructions showing the various access nuts and bolts etc..... Before I...

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