clk 270 cdi

  1. SteveB73

    CLK 270cdi. Low fuel pressure

    Hi all, My CLK broke down last week on way to work. Engine just stopped coming off a roundabout. AA arrived and when plugged in it was showing 20bar in the fuel rail. The guy suggested that it was the low pressure pump which I have changed, and after much cranking rail is still only reading 20...
  2. P

    CLK 270 Cdi W209 2003 siezed glowplugs & EML on full throttle

    Hi Guys, First off, I'm a first time Merc owner having only purchased the car at the start of February and I seem to have had nothing but niggles and issues since. The car: CLK 270 CDI auto, 2003 model on 52 plate. I live in the north east and traveled down to Peterborough to collect the...
  3. G

    mercedes benz clk coupe 270 cdi

    Hello, I am new to this site/driving/Mercedes-Benz I am looking to buy a mercedes benz clk coupe 270 cdi elegance Auto 2004 about 70,000. Firstly, this is going to be my first car so I have never bought a car before is there anything in particular that I should look for with this model...
  4. M

    speedtronic problem

    Ok, so I was in a traffic jam and was fiddling about going through the menu and settings on my CLK 270 2003 and got to set max speed for winter tyres clicked on yes come out of the menu and cant get back into it. Trouble is now I have the yellow ring around the speedo dial and the speedtronic...
  5. D

    inlet manifold for clk 270 (03)

    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get an Inlet Manifold for an 03 CLK 270 CDI (Diesel) w209 Chassis? The Merc dealer in Belfast charges £338 + VAT (20%). Id take one second hand if I could get it :-) Thanks in advance.

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