1. BestHeadhunter

    Weird Tail light problem - a complete mystery

    I'm hoping for a miracle. My 2007 CLK Cabrio has a tail light problem. The lights all work, but they dance. For 10 seconds they are normal, then they flick to the backup mode, all bulbs replaced with Bosch bulbs. Inside, the error message has always been the same, even when the lights were fine...
  2. 9


    We are selling my wife's CLK as she has now bought a Mini, I know it's nowhere near a Merc but it's what she wanted. We've owned this car since May 2016 and really enjoyed it. As you can (hopefully ) see from the photos it's finished in dark blue with oatmeal trim. Automatic, power hood, pas...
  3. I

    Electrical fault on 2003 CLK320 convertible w209 where do I start?

    Hi everyone, finally signed up been going through these forums offline for so long thought it's about time. I've just bought this mercedes clk320 convertible, with a gearbox issue, which has now been resolved. However, all these electrical issues have come up on their diagnostic which I need...
  4. K

    W208 CLK55 AMG Passenger Power Seat Not Working

    Hello all, I purchased a (W208) 2001 CLK55 AMG a little over a year ago. It had a multitude of problems that I have fixed and addressed (with plenty of raging moments). As of recent, I've decided to try to fix the power seat issue with the passenger side (*Driver side has full functionality*)...
  5. JackCLK280

    CLK55 squeaky steering wheel

    Hi, I think the rubber pocket that my steering wheel fits into is dry and needs spraying but I have no idea how to get to it. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks Also, how do I get the trim off that surrounds the gear stick without breaking it. Cheers!
  6. S

    2004 CLK 200 Kompressor Horn Activates when Cornering!

    I've had my car for a couple of years now, and I love driving it. But about a year ago I started to get this issue where turning the wheel a certain amount activates the horn! Which I'm sure you can imagine makes for seriously anxious driving, not knowing when it will happen. At the time, I...
  7. M

    CLK ~ Driver's seat not working

    Hello everyone. I am new here, so please excuse me if this has been asked a billion times, or I am in the wrong area. I have had a 2005 CLK 320cdi (SG55 WTR) for 2 months now, and I love it. I do however have 4 teething problems, 1 of which is the driver's seat not adjusting at all. The...
  8. JackCLK280

    CLK centre speaker

    Hi guys, Could anyone please explain to me, in idiots terms, how to remove the centre speaker grill from the dash. Mine has began making a really annoying noise when playing high frequency noises. I want to either disconnect it or try and fix it but I can't get the grill out and I don't want to...
  9. G

    2004 clk seat belt

    My Mrs pulled the seatbelt out as far as it could go. Why ? I do not know Now it won’t retract I’ve watched YouTube and I’m confident I can get the rear side panel off. I’m not sure if I’ll then have access to releasing the mechanism. Does anybody have any tips before I start the job please...
  10. R

    Clk solved one problem, found another. Door mirrors.

    Hi, my door mirrors have stopped working. I stripped one down, reassembled it (it was mucky in there), they still don't fold or unfold. They whirrrrr and click click click. Holding one while someone presses the button, it locks into place. However, the opposite side will not do,the same...
  11. N

    Potential Roof Issue - cannot access boot, windows inoperable, roof switch permanently lit.

    Dear sirs, I have been having some issues with my roof which, I suspect is due to a microswitch perhaps on rear bow. Presently though, my primary worry is I cannot operate the windows or access the boot as per title. The windows will drop a little when opening door and go up again when...
  12. X2-CLK

    Vehicle My Beautiful CLK 350 V6 Sport

    So here she is, you will find cheaper but none better...I have had the car for 4 years and she has been maintained regardless of cost (see invoices!) and the work done by our friends at MBS. Registered in June 2006 with only 3 former keepers and always garaged, MOT until end November with only...
  13. JackCLK280

    Keyless Go

    I have just bought a CLK55 amg on a 54 and it has the keyless go buttons on the doors and the button on the gear selector but none of them work. The guy who sold it said all 55s come with them but the option was not always selected and so was not hooked up to work. I hope this makes sense to...
  14. D

    New Member. Interested in a CLK

    Hi folks. Im after a daily driver and considering an early noughties CLK as I love the shape and want something with a bit of character only do 200m or so a week as have 5 Series as main car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  15. C

    2003 W209 1.8 Gurggling/bubbling when revving engine, sluggish starting, and P0120 fault

    Hi guys, As my first post and my first Mercedes, hope someone can give me some guidance on a couple of issues i have been having with my 2003 w209 200. As the title suggests, I have been experincing a gurggling/bubbling noise when putting my foot down on the gas pedal. I recently left my fog...
  16. D

    CLK 55 clunk, play and knock

    Hi All I brought an 03 w209 CLK55 a few months ago on the cheap as it needed some work. One issue is that there is a noticeable clunk from the rear if you shift from park to drive or park to reverse. When driving the gearbox changes are smooth. How ever if you accelerate hard there's always a...
  17. Shedofdread

    W209 boot lid issues

    Just thought I'd post this info in case it helps anyone else. Or perhaps everyone already knows..? In which case sorry for the waste of bandwidth.... Recently I was working on an older but really rather nice W209 CLK. The boot lid needed to be stripped down and on removing the lower, outer...
  18. mark.s

    Vehicle CLK Avantgarde 2.7 Diesel (03)

    CLK Avantgarde 2.7 Diesel (03), Black leather interior, electric sunroof & seats, SATNAV, phone, removable tow-bar. New inlet manifold, servo, injectors (5) & EGR valve fitted last year. New front shock absorbers & springs, brakes / pads (all round) & serviced at a cost of £2000 plus, MOT Feb...
  19. JackCLK280

    CLK 280 Clicking behind the dash

    Hi everyone v. new to this. I have an 06 CLK 280 and recently it has started marking a grinding/clicking noise (it almost sounds like a a 2p coin being rolled along a wooden floor - very specific, I know) from behind the dash when I turn to the right. I've had the wheels off and cant see any...
  20. jeremy156

    Vehicle 2004 CLK500 Coupe

    Selling my CLK now that I'm fully confident in my 124 as a daily driver.

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