1. B

    W205 wood Ash trim and clock retrofit SAM unit

    Hi everyone Does anyone have a detailed instruction manual or video which could help with getting access to the front SAM unit to retrofit the analogue clock to the centre console. I have been advised that the bonnet release lever needs to be removed from the drivers footwell but I am having...
  2. B

    Cannot reset clock

    I've just bought 2006 C180. All fine except that the clock and date are apparently stuck. I can change the date, but it then stays on that date. I cannot change the clock; whenever I try, it reverts to its previous time. It was originally stuck on 9.35; since my garage serviced it it is stuck...
  3. PovertySpec

    Clock Wrong & Electric Windows Issue

    I've noticed that the clock in the E Class is 10 mins fast, which is better than 10 mins slow I suppose. It apparently corrected itself 1 hour for BST so that aspect of it is working. Also, I swear that the windows used to go all the way up by themselves without having to hold the button...
  4. D

    E220 CDI - Missing Clock settings on the Instrument Cluster

    Dear Fellow Enthusiasts, I was wondering if someone could help me decipher a very strange phenomenon please...! I am a proud owner of a C180 W203 (Almost Classic - I know). I somehow managed to convince a very good old friend to ditch his standard (Ford - Mondeo) for prestige - hence the E220...
  5. J

    Tick, but no Tock

    My mechanical clock works until I get in the car. One I have started her up, the minute hand tries to move but fails, once per minute. It gives a noticeable jerk forward each time, before going back to wherever it was when I turned the ignition on. Once i switch off and walk away the clock...
  6. J

    CLK 320 Clock

    Hi, I have a 2004 CLK 320 (Without Command) and the clock changes twice per year based on the older daylight saving time standards (current standards minus 1). We in Arizona do not participate in DST so I wish to turn off this feature. The owners manual states that the DST On/Off choice...

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