1. T

    Ignition switch

    Hello iv got a 2006 mk2 mercedes sprinter recently it was broken into dashboard broken and only the ignition switch stolen I realised they want this to clone a key I've moved the van to a safe location and I still have the original key, if I purchase a second hand ignition switch and key off of...
  2. K

    Need help Codes p0175 p0172 w212

    I had this e350 engine light come up reading p0175 system too rich bank 2 P0172 bank 1 Took to a mechanic. He though he fixed it when he found a broken throttle lever actuator in the intake manifold. Sadly still the same codes. I decided to take the car back as is because I could see this guy...
  3. H

    W639 115CDI 2005 with Code errors

    Hey everyone, I bought a Vito that hit a main bearing, everything is fixed tho I now have fault codes I need help with. I need Solutions. List of Codes: P2537 P2041 P2511 P2061 P2062 P2014 P2040 Also I don't know where to find a connector coming from the computer box, but one problem...
  4. H

    Hey All, New Mercedes 115cdi W639 Owner with some problems

    Hey everyone, I require assistance with Computer codes that needs fixing, reverse gear that grinds but goes in after 3/4 tries so don't know how to fix.. A plug that I don't know where it goes.
  5. C

    Please help mechanic has no idea! p062b-64, p200a-75, p2279-62, p2463-09, p2080-27 and p200a-21.

    Hi all Have a mercedes c250 diesel auto 2012. Started driving weird and eml came on. My friend plugged in an odb readand it gave 3 codes to do with fuel injector. So I got a mechanic to look and he suggested getting a full service first and resetting eml to see how it goes. So i did and eml came...
  6. A

    Hi, I need advice on engine Codes

    Hi guys. My first post here. Im Adam and I drive a C200 2010 which I’ve never had a problem with. Yesterday, after a drive no longer than 10 minutes, my engine warning light came on. I plugged an OBDII in and it gave 4 codes. P0045 P0688 P2602 P2006. I’m a little nervous to drive it. I will...
  7. Dean Fletcher

    Trouble Code: Catalyst Temperature Sensor Range/Performance (Bank 1)

    Hi guy, I'm going to tackle this code myself, first point of call is replacing the oxygen sensor. I haven't looked under the car yet fully yet just had a brief glance. I'm thinking the cat is located 2/3s the way up the exhaust towards the front of the car. I'm I correct in thinking the bank 1...
  8. D

    C220 CDI W204 2007 Error codes gone after batt change?

    Hi, My C220 CDI 2007 W204 showed the following errors via the iCarsoftt MBII diagnostic BEFORE the battery was changed: Component Y100/1 (Right charge pressure positioner) has a short circuit to ground Check component G3/2 (O2 sensor upstream of cat) Short A10D00 The power supply is too low...
  9. B

    Dynamic seat repair

    Hi guys, So I've had a few niggles with my dynamic seats, suspecting air leaks. Just got hold of an iCarSoft MB II fault code reader, and (aside from 1000 various fault codes...) sure enough I had the following: left seat: a Pressure relief valve opens without active overpressure; b...
  10. I

    Stereo code for MF2910

    Hi everyone. I am at the end if my tether trying to find a code for my stereo. Tried a few websites and none recognise my ser no? . If someone could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Model MF2910 Serial no AL 2910 3 08 66245 Thankyou
  11. P

    Reading Error Codes

    Hi - fresh meat here, just joined the forum. My wife has a 1999 SLK 200 Kompressor and I have a W202 C200 myself. I'd quite like to learn how to read the error codes - particularly since the engine warning light came on the SLK this afternoon. I have the laptop, I expect I'll need some form...
  12. S

    Option codes from VIN

    Hi I am looking at this CLS and would like toi know the option codes does anyone know of a site where I can get this info or is anyone able to help? Simon

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