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    "Cheap" Map Updates

    Just had an email through from MB this afternoon and they are offing Map Updates to 2017 / 2018 Europe maps on COMAND, Audio50APS and Garmin systems for £99 inc VAT. Not the cheapest, but still a good price to get your car up to date. HTH, Bill
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    New member.

    Hi all names Paul. Just registered on the forum and after some advice really. I've just part exchanged my Audi A4 plus cash for a Mercedes C220 sport 57 plate. Not actually picked it up yet. Going to get it in the morning from my brothers car sales place. 1. How do I update the sat nav? 2...
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    2002 C-Class Sports Coupe 180K Comand Navigation

    Dear all, I have owned a 2002 C-Class Sports Coupe 180K (W203) for just over a month and it is a lovely car. However, it did not come with the Comand Navigation system pre-installed. I realise there are many versions of this system, so would appreciate the exact part number so I can begin my...

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