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    our undriveable van.

    hello people, pete here, we have a problem that even a genuine dealership seems unable to solve, First of all, thanks to anyone that has any suggestions or info, second a brief history of the van, a 2001 amb turbo diesel. it was a patient transfer vehicle,with an complete service history, and...
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    battery disconnect

    I have to change washer /indicator stalk on my c class coupe 1.8 compressor 2003. So have to disconnect battery first . Will this create issues after reconnecting ?, ie computer settings etc
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    New Owner - Hi + a few questions.. :)

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum on recommendation of a friend. I've just picked up a high mileage 2009 C180K Blueefficiency Estate. However there are a little things that i'd like some advice on if anyone could assist. The gearchange.. It's rather floppy in my opinion, and reverse...
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    Engine codes. :0

    hi all. I have a A140 that is mis firing and wont run. By the forums I think its the ecu. but i dont know how you get the fault code up on the dash? probly easy sorry.

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