1. S

    Unexplainable Fuel Consumption

    Hi, I have a c270 cdi which I often drive about 250 miles weekly up and down the m6. The computer readout reads between 52 and 56 mpg average which to me seems very good. However, if I work out fuel consumption the old fashioned way, tank to tank, I'm working out the consumption at being around...
  2. T

    C class oil question

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2004 C Class 180 Kompressor. It is in great condition, low mileage and drives well. After searching for a dip stick I worked out that the car measures its own oil level. It said add 1.5 litres which I did. Dash then read correct level. A few questions...
  3. S

    Fuel consumption display

    I have a 2010 e-class e220 estate and the fuel consumption display bar is calibrated 0 to 40MPG - as this a reverse of the litres / 100km displays that go from 0 to 20 litres, why is this so - my 2008 c-class had the same fuel consumption display and that went 0 to 80 MPG My dealer cannot give...
  4. Cobra44

    W211 E270 fuel economy

    I have had my 2003 E270 for 2 months now and reading some of the other past threads regarding fuel economy am slightly concerned. I have done 3 brim to brim tests now and over 300+ miles with a combination of town and motorway driving at 70mph on cruise I'm struggling to get more that 34mph...
  5. B

    Real consumption W210 E320 V6 224hp 5 speed automatic

    Hi all, This is my first post. I have a W124 300D, a W124 300CE and a W126 300SEL. I like the brand forever. I am currently in the process of buying a W210 E320 1998 the V6 engine and 5-speed automatic transmission, and I wonder what consumption are normal for this model. Mine is Elegance...

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