1. silestanix

    EGR delete - W202 C250TD - Quick Question

    Good morning all. Having read through Dieselman's egr delete thread thoroughly I am going to carry out the EGR Delete mod on my C250TD this morning by using a ball bearing to block the vacuum hose. If anything just as a trial to see how the car behaves over my journey to and from work today...
  2. B

    Alarm keeps going off when driving, A170 CDi Auto

    Can anyone help? I have an A170 cdi auto, 51 plate, W168 and the alarm has started going off after I have driven a 10/20 metres or so, the only way to stop this is to switch the car off, take the key out of the ignition and then press to "open" car. Start car back up again, apologise to other...
  3. S

    W202 1994 C280 Scorpion Immobiliser Stuck On

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 C280 Sport Saloon. I left it unused for a couple of months (locked & armed) then the alarm siren started to sound quietly (due to the battery going flat, not because it had been set off). At this point neither of my fobs would work (either for central locking or...

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