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  1. P

    Driver side Door doesnt always open, inside/out c204 coupe

    hey guys, i recently bought a 2012 c204 coupe amg line and was having a little problem with the driver side door, my problem is when i unlock the car with the key, the motor comes on, the lock does come up on the inside i can see it, but when i pull on the handle the door doesnt open and the...
  2. rapiscan

    CL500 Driver door broken cables

    Hi, my CL500 driver door suddenly lost ALL power, no window, mirrors, seat adjust etc... then few hrs later it went ok, then went again and has stayed dead! I suspected the door cables so slit open the sheathes of the 3 trunkings and found about 90% severed!! So I laboriously soldered a couple...
  3. B

    Broken wires door hinge w215 - London shop recommendation?

    Seems like some of the wires in the drivers door have broken, definitely the ones for the speakers and also suspecting the soft close. Only had the car for about 2 weeks but I guess I knew what I was getting into! Complete newbie when it comes to fixing this so thinking that it might be...
  4. A

    Merc B Class (2006) - Peeling Door sticker

    Having had my B class for 4 years, we've noticed that over the past 12 months the black sticker on the driver door panel (on the window edge opposite the hinges) has started to peel away :cry: Is there anything i can do to rectify this as it looks very unsightly. I've tried cleaning away the...
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