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    My new CL203 goes in limp mode and has errors

    Hi there, This is my first post here so be gentle :) I have recently purchased a CL203 (c class coupe 2007 220cdi) and it goes into limp mode occasionaly, more noticably when i go into reverse rather than drive from cold start (work car park). I have had codes read from a friend with a...
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    W211 E-220 REAL TIME Data: Can you read the problem?

    Hello members, I am troubleshooting a 722.699 gearbox with "no acceleration/no power" in D or R mode. I have a E-220 CDi [W211] - 2002 with 234k km. Performed the ATF service and changed the Electronic Conductor Plate/Plug/Seals. But still after few days of driving this stubborn car is in "Stand...
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    EPC - Visit Workshop

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and interested in having some advices about an annoying problem on my 2003 S Class 320 CDI. Since a year I search the reason of an EPC notification which occures when the engine is warm and I want to overtake a car for example. I've read many things on...

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