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  1. T

    E220 2013 coupè no power

    Evening all, I have had an issue with my E220 for a few weeks now. I was driving on the motorway and then lost all power, I pulled over turned the car off and started it again but when I tries pulling off there was no power and struggled to get back onto the motorway. When I get home I plugged...
  2. S

    2013 E220 CDI poor fuel comsumption

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 63 plate E220 CDI. But I think, I'm getting very low mileage. Could you guys have a look and see is this normal or something is wrong. Usually when I'm driving locally, like schools, gym, work. I get very low at around 20mpg. But when I'm driving in around...
  3. L

    Vehicle E220

    E220 2003 Black Black leather interior 202k Runs drive lovely Mot Feb 2019 Avagaurd Just had service Xenon lights Ns.mirror could do with replacement if fussed Anyone interested £1850 suffolk
  4. R

    W211 headlight Ballast Resistor problems

    Hi, I have a reacurring problem with my 57 plate e220 estate. I have replaced at least 4 of the xenon headlight ballast resistors now and it keeps happening. Can anyone shed any light on this problem and how to stop it happening over and over, on average, every 2-3 months now. Many thanks, Nic
  5. P

    Mercedes E220 first problem in 7 years

    Hi all I have owned this my second merc for the past 8 years before this I had the 2001 E220 Cdi and have been two of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. That said I would normally fix any problems myself as I was brought up fixing cars with my dad. This problem has me a little confused.
  6. C

    Eco mode causing jolts on E220d 2013 model

    2013 E Class 220d suddenly started jolting whenever lifting foot off brake when vehicle stationary and in Eco mode (stop / start to save gas). Significant jolt occurs when stopped engine restarts. Feels like letting clutch straight out in manual mode with engine at say 800 rpm Dealer suggests...
  7. mshah70

    W211 low fuel pressure under hard acceleration star code 22e7

    Hello Owner of merc w211 e220 Cdi 2007 226k I am having low fuel pressure issues. Star diagnostic code 22e7 Check high pressure control ‘rail pressure too low’ When i open up the throttle (hard acceleration) going up a hill or on motorway, the engine light comes on and car goes into limp...
  8. O

    W210 e220CDI - severe knock and grey smoke only between 2-4000 RPM

    Hey all, Hope someone can shed some light here for me. I have a W210 E220 CDI with 97,000 miles on the clock. Recently it has started to knock badly and smoke (grey and LOTS of it) when accelerating but only above 2-2500 rpm AND only when it has been up to temperature for a while. It is...
  9. A

    Mercedes W211 E220 CDI B28/5 & B5/1 Fault

    Hi guys, I need help for my car Mercedes Benz w211 E220 CDI year 2003. The car has no boost power and causing black smoke. The rev reaches only 3000rpm. Went the diagnose the car and the following faults was found. DTC 2025-08: Check component B28/5 (pressure sensor downstream of air...
  10. onefortheroad

    mb thermostat or after market.

    A lot of talk about thermostats on here lately ,I checked mine last night and its barely reaching 50 degrees . so do I go with mb or aftermarket ?? Anyone with exp of both . Also do I need to buy the whole housing or does the old stat pull out and new one fit in .

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