1. N

    Scheduling charge time for E300de?

    I have an electricity tariff that has much reduced cost (around 1/3rd) from 00:30-04:30 I haven't worked out how I can plug in charger cable but delay charging until 00:30? The only option I can find in the car and app is setting an expected departure time, but that doesn't appear to affect...
  2. Peloqu1n

    Wireless rear camera

    Hi all Just looking for some advice, has anyone installed a wireless camera setup as per the attached screenshot. I have a 63 plate w212 e300 hybrid Any hints,tips, advice is greatly appreciated Regards Peter
  3. M

    Issue with 2014 E300 Hybrid (W212)

    I recently bought a used E300 Hybrid (W212) from 2014 from an official Mercedes dealer. The car is awesome and great fun to drive but the hybrid features have only worked for a few days right after I bought it and have not worked since. By "hybrid features" I mean the engine turning off when you...
  4. Nick Richardson

    Hi, thanks for adding me to the forum..

    Hi, I have been a mercedes owner for many years. Currently driving an E300 Hybrid Estate, a model which I note is now discontinued. Wonderful for long trips, especially as I don't have to refill the tank that often.......Bliss!
  5. T

    E300 Hybrid battery malfunction

    Good evening, First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place as I am very new to the forum. To cut things short, I have a Mercedes e300 hybrid bluetec. It's a 63 plate and I've had it for 4 months and 2 months out of those were brilliant. The problems started around 2 months ago. The...
  6. J

    E300 Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

    Hi all I have a 2013 E300 Diesel Hybris estate which is great. Unfortunately in response to the above fault warning, I have spent most of the evening trying to locate the Auxiliary Battery without success. I had thought it was under where the spare wheel would go but this has the main...
  7. E

    Hi, I'm new and need HELP!!

    Hi, I have just signed up to this because I have recently occurred a problem with my 1994 Mercedes E300 Diesel Estate. My problem... My car is a 4 gear auto with the option to select 2nd gear and 3rd gear. Randomly one day the car cut out and lost all power. All the dashboard lights...
  8. P

    E300 Hybrid System not engaging

    I wonder if I can ask other E300 owners if they have experienced a similar issue to me with the Hybrid system of their cars. I have a 2014MY E300 with around 40K miles. I'm used to the Hybrid engaging right from the off, with sometimes a small lag which I assume - in cold weather - allows the...
  9. S

    E300 Hybrid - don't buy it for the mpg

    For anyone thinking of buying an E300 hybrid, I would think that the real-world mpg might be the deciding factor. The official figures are 65mpg+, but obviously that is not going to be achievable with normal driving. I do a lot of miles on hilly B roads, interspersed with a few longer...
  10. S

    E300 Hybrid Reliability Issues

    Hi, Apologies if this post has been covered before, but I am a new member and I couldn't see a search facility on the forums. My new E300 Hybrid finally arrived two days ago, after a 14 week wait, and I was thrilled with it right up to the point where it broke down yesterday!! I had left...
  11. A

    New (2014) E300 Hybrid - SOS Inoperative

    Hello, I've just joined this forum as I've been lucky enough to just take delivery of my new E300 Hybrid (UK model). I'm really pleased with it although I have one small issue - it is coming up with a message "SOS Inoperative". It does not have (or I cannot find) any SOS button etc....... does...
  12. Mickey76

    Fault code help needed!

    Hi Newbie here, my e300 has just failed an MOT on the ABS light, ASR & BAS light also on, had codes read (once I found someone who could actually get any codes out of it) c1307 -rr solenoid valve reduce pressure..... Anyone know what this is?? Can't find any info. Anything to do with the BAS...
  13. M

    W210 E300 TD Water Pump failure

    The AA man said he'd never seen anything like it the Fan blade got stuck in the Rad and cracked the water pump and the part that the water pump is bolted onto . does anyone know how easy it is to remove this part as well as the water pump, special tools needed ? :( Any help would be...
  14. A

    W124 intermittent power steering

    My 1996 E300 D developed a fault last night. All of the dash board indication lights lit up (kind of half illuminated) and the power steering stopped working. There is also a loud squeeling noise coming from the engine. I wonder if there is a belt that drives something to do with the power...
  15. S

    glow plugs stuck / loose on 95 E300D help

    Hello, While changing my deteriorated glow plug wiring harness on my 95 E300D 606 engine (132k) I decided to change the glow plugs (unknown when last done). I soaked the glow plugs in penetrating oil for hours and carefully tried to loosen each one. The first 3 didn't budge so I left them...
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