egr valve

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    Sprinter 311 smoking please help

    Let me start by saying hi , first post on here , I recently bought 2008 sprinter 311 lwb 123.000 miles , seemed to be well cared for , first 800 all is well ... until , the smoke started !! White smoke pouring from the exhaust.. So ... I had a mechanic call out to try and diagnose the...
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    Egr valve delete

    Hey, Wondering if anyone could help. I'm having issues with the egr valve on my 2015 220d a class. It's been a reoccurring issue so I am looking in to egr delete. There's a place I know that can do the software delete however he mentioned that I would need to blank off the valve with a plate...
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    What is that on this picture ?

    Hi team. It's my 1st post here so please, be cool with me cause each forums has its rules and I've perhaps missed someting (And I'm a frenchy and English language is not native for me). Well, I'm a W211 diesel owner E220 and today, I've cleaned my EGR valve cause the engine sometime is...
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    C220 CDI 2005

    Hi. Can anyone advise please. My C220 is being a pain in the *%^$!!! It is always throwing up fault codes and I do not know what to do for the best. The code say it is the DPF filter or EGR valve Up to now we have replaced the EGR Valve, DPF filter, Hot plugs, air filter, Oil filter, Fuel...
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    Sprinter 2003 cuts out whilst driving and has some problems starting

    Hi all, I having a problem with my 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi that seems to crop up on this forum and others. The main issue is that the engine will cut out whilst driving - usually after having driven the van for while that day (i.e. the engine is warm). When the problem occurs i have to pull...
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    W203 C220CDI Auto Limp mode

    Hi Guys. I had an ESP issue which i think i corrected, mentioned in a thread here. Anyway, a week ago i noticed the car doing something strange. It just didnt have that kick no more. Also it was drinking more fuel than normal, only getting about 300 miles inner city on a full tank...

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