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  1. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Drivers Seat Question

    In search for a W124 Coupé electric drivers seat base for my 1991 300ce, I have found one in mint condition from a Saloon of the same year, and cannot find any info as to whether they are the same, or adaptable. Any insight greatly appreciated.
  2. K

    Wiring for electric seats on ML

    Dear all, I have a couple of problems with the seats in my ML. I was told by the previous owner that she had unplugged the wiring for the heated seats which is under the seat. Try as I might I cannot find any disconnected wires under the seats. It's not easy to see so I might have missed...
  3. Seeker_UK

    W211 E320CDI - Convenience Features. Yeah, right.

    I've got a few problems with some of the convenience features on the car. They only work sometimes! 1 - Seat / Steering column. Although the right option is set on the menu, when I remove the key, only the steering column moves. The electric controls on seat work OK when I adjust them. 2...
  4. zedmeister

    [Spares] W208 CLK electric seat motors, rack, ECU, seat belt retainer

    I have a rack from a 2000 CLK for sale - item can be split as it contains: Seat base rack, Seat ECU, 2 x motors (I can provide part numbers if needed) - I presume they are fore/aft and tilt motors Seat belt holder Contact me if you need any bits or the whole thing.

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