engine warning light

  1. K

    Watercooling level / Engine warning light

    Good day people This morning after I started my car (W203 / 2002), I got an error message that the cooling level is insufficient. I drove it for 5 Km, to out local station, and back this afternoon to home. On my way home, I checked the coolant level, and the level was on full. I drove further...
  2. Grotbag

    Engine Warning Light - Advise Please

    I bought my 2005 CLK 200K 10 days ago. On Friday the Engine Warning Light came on (it looks light an orange engine) There are no other symptoms on the car. I spoke to the dealer on Sunday who told me to bring in the car today. However last night the light went out. The dealer said no a lot...
  3. C

    W124/engine warning light

    I have a 1988 300ce and the engine check light has illuminated. At least I think so. My Haynes manual does not show it. On the instrument panel, left row of 6 icons, its the furthest right, next to the oil warning light. Are there any DIY checks I can conduct to determine the reason for the...

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