esp brake wear

  1. Mark Hart

    ABS Module - ESP, ABS and display faulty no speedometer

    Hi all, First forum post! I’ve got a C209 clk500 and I recently received the fault messages in the title. I replied to an old forum thread on here and was asked to repost as a new thread, here’s a link to the other post that contains all the background...
  2. B

    ABS, ESP Inoperative & Brake Wear warning message on W211 E220CDI '07

    Hi, these warning lights now appear when I start my car. Also, the Run Flat Tyre indicator also reports as Inoperative?? Any ideas? Could this be due to brake light switch? Am going to a Merc specialist who no doubt will take me to the cleaners to get this resolved and just want to make sure...

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